PHOTOS: Menu for Baseline Tap House, Grand Avenue at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

PHOTOS: Menu for Baseline Tap House, Grand Avenue at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
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Opening shortly at 11am on Grand Avenue at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, here is the menu for the new Baseline Tap House:

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      • J! Long time no see you posing like me. Did you finally slipped away from you momma?

        Tell us, why do you think Baseline is as lame as you? Don’t hold back.

        • Oh J, we know you’re lonely, you little baby. Your mommy spends so much time with all those men… she just doesn’t have the time for you.

          The menu from this bar makes it obvious she’s just gonna stay here and pick up new guys while leaving you all alone in the park.

          Look at the bright side J, at least this time you’ll know where to find her

          • I get triggered so easily. I try to pretend like it doesn’t bother me, but as you can all see, it really does.

          • We know J. We know that you’re very sensitive due to the lack of attention you get from your progenitor.

            I do feel for you.

          • Poor J is a delicate snowflake that needs a safe space. I thought Disney was your safe space, little J!

            Do you need a service pet also?

  • Looks like it’s The Writer’s Stop without any of the stuff that made The Writer’s Stop awesome, and 1000% more alcohol.

    I second the “meh.”

      • You have to be like me. Love expensive crap you can find cheaper and better anywhere else, and anyone telling me is expensive crap is my enemy. I call it the spoiled brat way.

        • Did someone say spoiled brat!? Oh wait you’re an adult, I’m not interested sweetie. Now I’m off to Chuck E. Cheese, where a kid can be a kid and I can be a pederast!

          • Oh, J. Is so sad being you what with you having to pretend you’re someone else. Almost everyone has so much pity for you. Tom, is there any way we can buy this poor kid J an icecream at MK or something?

          • Can we buy Pete some spaces and a dictionary? He’s so angry he’s not proofreading! Take a breath and work on that grammar buddy.

          • Thanks for the pit Frank. The same anger that drives me into impersonating others also make me brite bad Engrish. I’ll try to kontrol myself from now on.

            Veside the gramar tip, do you hav anything on how i can control tis rage?

  • Excellent! Disney needs more places to get decent craft beers (even at $9+ per pour). Much better than the usual Disney selection of Bud, Bud Light, or Stella.

  • I don’t think I would call this a taphouse. First off there’s not enough taps. Second, the selection here is mediocre at best. I was really hoping to see some more interesting selections.

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