PHOTOS: "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" Model Now on Display at Disney's Hollywood Studios

PHOTOS: “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” Model Now on Display at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Today, a small piece of the large model for Star wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios debuted in the Walt Disney Presents exhibit.

The model piece isn’t really very different from the larger, full model we saw of the Disneyland project back at the D23 Expo. Both lands will be very similar, with only a few small differences.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens in 2019 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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  1. This seems a lot less impressive than what we saw from D23. Although all of these pictures seem to be of the same building. Where is the rest of it?

  2. If only they could shrink us to the size of a bug we could all visit the models instead of waiting 7 (yeah, maybe another 7) years until the human-sized land is built.

    1. How do you gather a guess of 7 years? Knowing some basic timelines on some key construction milestones, I don’t see it taking more than another two years. They may even be able to get the hotel done in a parallel timeline as the land.

      Then again. After two major disasters in the US, construction workers will be spread thin, and prices for labor will skyrocket.

  3. It’s opening in 2019. Right now is 2017. 2019 – 2017 = 2 You don’t even need to borrow to do that math.

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