RUMOR: The Jingle Cruise Holiday Overlay Will Not Return to Magic Kingdom, Disneyland

For whatever reason, it appears that the Jingle Cruise, the holiday overlay of the Jungle Cruise attraction at Disneyland Park and the Magic Kingdom, will not return in 2017.

rumor the jingle cruise holiday overlay will not return to magic kingdom disneyland

Introduced in 2013, the Jingle Cruise would run from November to January at both parks. The Disneyland and Walt Disney World versions were similar concepts, but were actually quite different visually.

Disney has yet to confirm the end of the seasonal attraction, but it is not in any marketing materials for this holiday season on either coast.

13 thoughts on “RUMOR: The Jingle Cruise Holiday Overlay Will Not Return to Magic Kingdom, Disneyland”

  1. Good. Hopefully they’ll rethink it and bring it back in a way that’s actually thought out. It had a good storyline, but was poorly executed. It just looked like they dumped decorations on all the animals without any thought. Retool it with well thought out decorations and I’ll be down with it. And I’m a former Skipper with 2 years in the jungle in case anyone is doubting my credentials. :)

  2. I love the Jungle Cruise and was excited when the overlay to Jingle Cruise was first announced. However, each time I experienced Jingle Cruise, I was incredibly disappointed. It seemed simply that holiday decor was hastily placed around the attraction and the script only slightly peppered with seasonal additions. While I’ve never experienced the holiday overlays at Disneyland’s ‘it’s a small world’ or the Haunted Mansion, I’ve heard these are amazing. Unfortunately, Jingle Cruise, pardon the pun, missed the boat.

  3. It’s not listed on the Holiday’s at Disneyland website, nor is there any closure of Jungle Cruise on the refurbishment schedule and it needs at least 2 weeks for it to be installed, so that’s a pretty hard no to it returning. My guess was that Pirates is going to close in January to be refurbished and they don’t want Mansion and alternatively small world, Pirates, and Jungle Cruise all closed at the same time. That’s a complete guess though.

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