BREAKING: Another Splash Mountain Refurbishment Set for 2018 at the Magic Kingdom

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Despite currently being closed through November 16th, 2017, Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom will be closing again for refurbishment in early 2018.

The second refurbishment will take place January 8th through February 1st, 2018. The reasoning for this second closure is unknown, but may be related to some leftover work that can’t be completed during this ongoing refurbishment. The Magic Kingdom would want the attraction open again for the busy holiday season, thus why it will still reopening in November but going down once more in January.

This information was distributed today to Disney travel agents.

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    • Oh darn!! I spelled my last name wrong!! I really need to fix my broken glasses so I can see what I’m typing!!

    • I have them and you cant have them back they fit perfectly on my side bed table next to the picture i kiss every night

  • Dey removed every reference to me, only thing left for em is to topple the Brer Bear statue and theme the ride to Zootopia

  • Ok thanks for doing that article we were going there that time and wanted to go on it so we’ll work around it. Thanks again.

  • I called Disney yesterday, 11/1/17, and asked about this because our family will be at WDW during mid January. Disney said emphatically that Splash Mountain will NOT be closed during January 2018. She said rumors like this occur all the time.

      • Well, I don’t know if the “Disney travel agent” is directly employed by the Walt Disney Company but the woman I spoke to was definitely a Disney employee and that’s what she told me. In fact, she abruptly stopped me halfway through my sentence and said, “Ma’am, I’m telling you Splash Mountain will not be closed during January!” I am choosing to believe her because I want to ride Splash Mountain when I’m there is January but we are going to be profoundly sad if it’s closed. What prompted me to call Disney directly is because I have read of this January 8 to February 1 closure on several different sites, not just yours, and usually where there is so much smoke, there is definitely fire. We shall see……..

          • It’s “official” now. Fast passes for January 8th through February 1st are not available. Those that already had fast passes have had them changed to another ride. It is definitely going to be closed.

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