BREAKING: Disneyland Adding FastPass, MaxPass to “it’s a small world” Holiday in 2017

When “it’s a small world” Holiday returns to the Disneyland Resort on November 10th, 2017, it will offer both FastPass and MaxPass to allow guests to more quickly experience this very popular attraction.

“it’s a small world” Holiday often proves quite popular, so it has been surprising to see FastPass not in use over all these years, despite that it was one of the first Disneyland attractions to ever use the service back in 1999. This year, it will offer MaxPass as well, allowing guests to book the ride reservations digitally on their phones via the Disneyland app.

Disney has stated that this will be a test of the service at the attraction, and should it prove popular, FastPass and MaxPass will become regular offerings at “it’s a small world” throughout the year.

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It's a Small World is Bae
It's a Small World is Bae
2 years ago

Fantastic news!!


[…] Halloween moet zijn grande finale nog bereiken op 31 oktober, maar de aankondigingen voor het kerstseizoen dringen voor een plekje op de voorgrond. Dit weekend werd bekend dat de populaire seizoentransformatie van It’s a Small World nu ook met Fastpass (in Florida) en Maxpass (in Anaheim) bezocht kunnen worden. […]