PHOTOS: Haunted Mansion "Stretching Room Parasol Tightrope Girl" Dress Coming Soon to Disney Parks

PHOTOS: Haunted Mansion “Stretching Room Parasol Tightrope Girl” Dress Coming Soon to Disney Parks

The Dress Shop in the Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs is currently previewing a new dress from Her Universe inspired by The Haunted Mansion…

The dress is inspired by the “Parasol Tightrope Girl” who appears in one of the stretching room portraits in the classic Disney Parks attraction. She famously walks a tightrope above a vicious crocodile in one of the four portraits in the ride. This dress, as well as another Mansion design and the Mad Tea Party tea cup dress, were announced previously at Star Wars Celebration 2017 in April of this year.

The dress itself will retail for somewhere in the $190-200 range, while the cape will be sold separately at a yet to be disclosed price.

The dress is set to be released sometime in November 2017.


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      1. Bootiful is a play on words instead of saying beautiful I added “boo” not “beau” to make it sound more spooky!! And BTW, I can tell what your name says, why would you call yourself that? Hmhmhm

  1. They shouldn’t even have the cape in the outfit at all!! That’s probably what the crocodile snagged onto first!!

    1. the cape is there in the portrait but it is very small on the tightrope walker compared to her sleeves

  2. Other theme parks are adding new attractions, things to do, and ways to move guests more efficiently. Disney is coming up with more junk to sell.

    Our latest trip to Disney shows they need a complete overhaul. The dress is fine, but it’s obvious Disney has 100% of their attention on profit, and ZERO on the guest experience or convenience.

    1. You are out to lunch, Disney is adding attractions, they just opened Pandora and are working on Star Wars and Toy Story, EPCOT is in the pipeline for an overhaul and adding Guardians of the Galaxy. Things to do, they are adding NBA experience and just overhauled the entire Disney Springs area. Move guests more efficiently, they just started the Minnie vans, are constructing the skyway gondolas, and have revamped the security areas at the magic kingdom. Plus they are doing this while trying to keep a level of nostalgia that guests demand also

      1. Are you by chance related to “Tom is Bae” user below? Seems that user has a liking to you.

    2. You pretty clearly have no clue what you’re talking about.

      Currently under construction:
      Slinky dog roller coaster,
      Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster
      Ratatouille ride
      Millennium Falcon ride
      Unknown other Star Wars ride
      Toy Story carnival area

      In current plans:
      Tomorrow land speedway being turned into Tron
      2 new pavilions in Epcot World Showcase
      A ride inside one of those pavilions

      That’s just off the top of my head. Not to mention the changes to the monorail, skyway cars, new hotels, etc.

  3. Her Universe is amazing. The clothes fit comfortably, they move well, and they’re awesome tributes to their respective fandoms. I’m glad they’re adding new items like this.

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