Duffy's Friend Gelatoni Arrives at Shanghai Disney Resort

Duffy’s Friend Gelatoni Arrives at Shanghai Disney Resort

Duffy’s artsy cat friend Gelatoni has arrived at Shanghai Disney Resort, and Disney is celebrating by launching a new line of Gelatoni merchandise, as well as food items.

All the new merchandise can be found at the Whistle Stop Shop located on Mickey Avenue. Everything from plush toys, to pins, shirts, home décor, and more are now available for all your Gelatoni shopping needs.

As for food, new Duffy, Shellie May, and Gelatoni panna cottas and cupcakes are available, as well as ice cream cones at Mickey and Pals’ Market Café, Remy’s Patisserie, and Il Paperino.

Gelatoni is Duffy’s cat friend that uses his tail to paint intricate paintings. When he first met Duffy, the Disney bear had dropped his ice cream, and Gelatoni used the spilled treat to paint a picture for Duffy. I’m not making this up. That’s honestly how they became friends. I don’t understand the logistics of substituting paint with ice cream, but that story is so cute.

Welcome to Shanghai, Gelatoni!




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