PHOTOS: Epcot Releases Massive "American Adventure" Character Merchandise Line Representing All 50 States

PHOTOS: Epcot Releases Massive “American Adventure” Character Merchandise Line Representing All 50 States

Disney has embarked on one of their most ambitious merchandise lines in recent memory, a collection celebrating all 50 of the United States of America. The collection is being sold at Epcot and is branded to The American Adventure pavilion, taking over pretty much the entirety of the Heritage Manor Gifts shop next door to the pavilion’s attraction.

This awesome map picture is available for $21.95 and showcases all of the character artwork that will be used in the collection. I’m kind of partial to it since it uses Sam Eagle from America Sings at the top…

If you’re wondering why it seems to use the same base characters over and over, I think they were going for a vintage style, something that would have been sold by the company 30-40 years ago. Also, it might make more sense to have characters everyone knows represent each state, rather than try to do over 50 different characters across the country.

The strangest part is that the Florida and California items in the line were released at the D23 Expo this year with zero explanation that they would one part of a larger collection. The Florida items take center stage here, it being Florida and all. Assorted items related to 20 states are available now at Heritage Manor Gifts, but all of the items from all 50 states will be available through the Shop Disney Parks mobile app starting in November 2017.

The state signs retail for $31.99 each.

The metal license plate magnets are $11.99 each.

The line also includes shirts, hats, and mason jars for each state. The lady’s shirts are $29.99, men’s are $27.99, baseball caps are $24.99, and the mason jars are $13.99 each.

There are some items labeled simply for The American Adventure, not picking a particular state as a subject.

The logo featuring Spaceship Earth behind the American Adventure is pretty spiffy.

I’m somewhat impressed that all of the hats are very different in styling, not just all with a different logo icon slapped on them. A lot of care went into all of these items.

The Illinois merchandise is marked as the birthplace of Walt Disney, which is pretty neat.

Here are the New Jersey items, in case anyone from New Jersey is brave enough to own anything with the state’s name on it… ;)

So, what do you think of this new merchandise line? Will you be representing your home state?