Walt Disney World Shares Official Rules & Policies for Dogs Staying at Resort Hotels

Walt Disney World Shares Official Rules & Policies for Dogs Staying at Resort Hotels
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As we told you earlier this week, starting today, guests may stay with their dogs at select Walt Disney World Resort Hotels. If they choose to, they will have to adhere to the following guest policies regarding their pets:


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      • So are people, animals that is. I’ve met dogs that are better than many people. Get over it. It’s not the dogs that are the issue, it’s the owners. We are taking our little Beagle on property soon and we will NOT leave any messes for anyone, including cast members to clean up after.

  • Welcome to the wave of hundreds of fake ‘service dogs’ in the parks. Wonderful. Mind the dog crap.

    • Exactly! I work in a hospital and was standing in a patient care hallway when some woman’s dog rammed me in the behind with it’s nose! The dog’s owner said, “sorry. This is my service dog.” I just Said really? As far as I know, service dogs don’t ram people in the butt. Some of these fake service dogs will be ruining some vacations by biting people.

      • If I was that woman, I would’ve made sure you were promptly fired for questioning her disability.

        • You know nothing. You are allowed to asked what service the dog is trained it. Butt sniffing? It’s folks like you that are ruining it for those that really have a service dog

    • Is not wonder that you have taken such “love” towards animals little J. You’re mommy doesn’t love you, no woman loves you… the only thing you can get close to is a dog, little J

      • You do realize he’s quite successful at getting you mad and making you look more like a fool than you already did yourself, right?

  • This is gonna be bad. 98* and humid with the smell of poop in the air. Pets deficating in the rooms, shedding, chewing furniture. What about people with allergies? And I totally trust people will clean up after their dogs. ????

  • I have made a booking to stay at AOA, I am not impressed that the policy has just been changed, disney not messaging guest directly to inform or address any concerns that a future guest might have, maybe Disney should offer guests that have allergies or fear of dogs an alternative accommodation within the Disney resort that does not allow dogs.

  • Catch 22 at work here. No responsible dog owner is going to bring their dog to stay in a Disney resort.

  • Bad move WDW! I do not want to sleep in a room that previously had a dog in it sleeping in the bed with flees and possibly bringing in ticks that may be hidden in a rug or in a mattress or couch or chair. and then infect me or my family.
    When pets are left alone in a strange place all day they will bark, cry, chew furniture or carpet. Urinate, vomit etc.
    I am a dog lover and always had an issue finding and paying a sitter when I visited WDW but I did and so should everyone else! This will be disastrous!
    Let’s face it, your housekeeping staff is not going to be able to thoroughly clean a room after guests with a pet check out. I stayed at old key west last April and their was a large toenail my daughter in law found
    No on the carpeting! Discussing! We should have reported it but didn’t!

  • This is goin to be on the Mount Rushmore of crappy executive decisions, similar to the new recipe for coke a cola yrs ago. I hope the Einstein that made the call is lookin for a job.

  • The part about “licensed” service dogs worries me. Disney World can not legally ask a service dog team to procure documentation, as no license, certification, or registration exists EXCEPT for fake licensing and identification anyone with any untrained dog can purchase on the internet. “Licensed” service dogs are not legitimate and this will create a huge problem for real service dog teams who show up without paperwork (trust me, we have none). If cast members start asking for ID because too many people are trying to take their pets into the parks, it could ruin an entire vacation.

    My dog has been assaulted by a number of dogs at Disney that SHOULD NOT have been in the parks or resort common areas. Some of us would not be able to enjoy the magic of Disney without our K9 partners and things are difficult as is without being asked for documentation we don’t have and are not legally required to have per ADA law.

  • You state that only licensed service animals are allowed in certain areas. There is no official licensing, certification or registry for service animals as stated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. (www.ada.gov). Please research these things before contributing to further spread of misinformation.

    • You can get your “service dog license” at your local pet store hanging on a rack in aisle 6. They have all colors and sizes. Fake

  • Wow! Shocked (but not really) at the amount of whining going on here after this announcement. Do I think it’s a good idea? No, I don’t know. However, right now, it’s only 3 resort hotels and Fort Wilderness… If you don’t like it, go and stay somewhere else! There are more than 25 resort locations to pick from.

    • What of those of us who have made reservations already and can’t just stay somewhere else? I would gladly change my reservation for Christmas to not stay in a nasty dog room at AOA, but I can’t. It’s completely booked.

    • Not if you are only 3 weeks away from arriving and your grand daughter has her heart set on the Cars suite. People seem to forget that this place is for children.

    • Boo hoo! Request a room that isn’t allowed to have animals in it then. “Problem” solved. I’m sure you’re granddaughters are going to have an absolutely horrible time in all of Walt Disney World now that a room MIGHT have had a dog in it once before you got there.

  • I love dogs, all animals actually. But I do not like this new policy. I don’t want to stay in a room that was previously occupied by dogs. I don’t want to be the one calling guest services because the room next to me has a barking fog. For 30 minutes. Bad move Disney. Bad move.

  • I’m not happy with this new dog policy my wife and myself travel to disney 3 to 4 times a year . We will now have to cross off the yacht club off our list of resorts to stay at . I’m allergic to dogs and I don’t want to stay in a room that has dog smell. Disney has a kennel let them stay there . Bad decision Disney

  • Those complaining about dogs in hotels obviously don’t travel as a lot of chains now allow them. What isn’t mentioned is the $50 per night fee. Also there is no license for service dogs so that’s going to be fu. And illegal to enforce.

  • No dogs! People can’t control their kids you think they will do better with a dog or two. Big mistake. Flees, hair, dog stink, shit , pee and don’t forget the occasional dog bites and scratches.

  • This is wonderful news! I am really looking forward to bringing my 115lb Rottweiler, Satan, to EPCOT. I have already created, and printed up, his “licensed service dog credentials”. I have a really lightweight leash for him, and he only breaks out of it on occasion…usually to chase squirrels, or small children…but it is really cute when he does it. Trust me, you are all going to love him. Watching him freak out during Illuminations has long been a dream of mine, but I don’t imagine he will cause any trouble…after all, he is a “licensed service dog”.

  • I can mark 3 resorts off of my list. With all the fireworks at night and noise from folks coming in at all hours, guaranteed to hear dogs bark all night at those 3!!! Its a shame bc AOA is my fave. Im an animal lover and rights activist and still think this is a horrible idea. I will continue to board mine or hire a sitter as usual.

  • This is horrible for kids that are severely allergic to dogs (my son is one). Disney is for kids, not dogs.

    • Agree that this is a huge concern. Hopefully they will designate rooms that are pet friendly and ones that arent. Disney does a lot of work with pediatric allergy and food allergy , hope they will be sensitive to this issue

      • Bad idea all around. Designating rooms wouldn’t be a viable method to prevent allergic reactions because the allergens from the dogs in those rooms will enter the HVAC system and eventually contaminate the resort.

  • While I would never take my dog with me on vacation, really why would you care so much if someone else wants to? Oh no some of the people have dogs, my whole vacation is ruined!! What a bunch of whiners on here.

  • By the way, if you think that there haven’t been resort guests throughout the years that have already brought their dogs into their hotel rooms, you are pretty naive and stupid! Most of these resorts have campus style setup where people do not have to go through the main lobby to get to their rooms, which allows for this type of thing to happen. I know people that used to bring their dog over from the kennel and let him stay with them for a night or two. So as far as you all know, you could’ve stayed in a room that had a dog in it at one point or another.

    • This is the first time I’ve ever commented on the blog and now I know the reason why . This was my opinion about the dog policy for someone to call me naïve and stupid is unacceptable . I am now unsubscribing to this blog because the monitors allow this to take place very very Shameful of them .

  • BAD BAD BAD!! If I am spending a lot of money to stay on property, I do not want to hear barking, howling dogs and meowing cats. It’s bad enough now with the inconsideration of other guests, especially late night running in the hallways, being loud and parents not watching or reprimanding their children. If anyone thinks guests are going to follow the rules, they are mistaken. If smokers can’t follow the rules around the resorts and parks, you can be sure the same will happen with pets. Furniture, carpeting etc. won’t last and Disney will then be forced to increase prices to replace all the damaged items. I also don’t want to step in pet waste because someone is too lazy to take their pet to the designated areas. I can only imagine the smell of cat urine wafting through the hallways. Many people suffer from allergies also. We have a family member who has an allergy to dogs and cats. No matter how hard you try to clean, you never pick up all of the pet hair. Pets should be kept at their pet center. If you can’t take a vacation without your pet, stay home!

  • Listen we have a whole new line of Disney licensed pooper scoopers, collars, nail clippers and shock collars i have been waiting to sell, Plus you all are always complaining about how we never update the rooms now we will have to after each nights stay. Don’t question my intelligence.

  • I’m not a fan of this in any way.

    The part that makes me laugh is, ‘If noise is heard you will be called to attend to your dog within 30 mins.’ Getting from anywhere on Disney property back to your room in 30 mins is almost impossible if you’re using Disney transportation. Add to that you need the person to realize they’ve received a message. Complete what they’re doing (because you know if they’ve been in line for more than 2 mins they’re going to feel they ‘need’ to continue in the line then ride the attraction, exit the park, take transportation to their resort, walk to their room. It can easily take an additional 60+ minutes after an animal has already been causing enough of a noise for the owner to be contacted in the first place.

    Dogs do not belong in resort rooms at Disney.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for being willing to test the pet friendly policy. We travel with a small pet and have been required to stay at off site properties when we visit Disneyworld. We have already made 2 reservations and plan on trips in May and October, staying at one of the pet friendly properties. Please consider a permanent extension to this program.

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