PHOTOS, VIDEO: Interactive Roaming Droid Character for Star Wars – Galaxy’s Edge Unleashed on Disneyland, and Children Unleashed Onto It

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Interactive Roaming Droid Character for Star Wars - Galaxy's Edge Unleashed on Disneyland, and Children Unleashed Onto It
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We have seen two separate tests to date of “Jake” the droid by Disney, inside Star Wars Launch Bay at Disneyland and at the Parks and Resort pavilion at the D23 Expo 2017, but now the roaming character developed for the upcoming “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” is going through some outdoor testing in Tomorrowland at Disneyland.

Guests will also encounter some signs pertaining to Jake as they roam around Tomorrowland. The test is occurring on most days, and Jake is being attended to by a undercover Imagineer who is watching over him.

This is good, because by the looks of the video below, Jake is going to need some protection…

The droid takes quite a beating during the short period where we watched him, getting kicked and pushed around by some children who he meets. Luckily, Jake was designed to handle such events, but one has to wonder just how much such a complicated piece of machinery can take. Well, this is why he is being tested years before his debut in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in 2019.

Disney has stated that multiple droids and alien creatures will be roaming Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge when it opens at both Disneyland Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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  • Ugh. Do parents that allow this crap realize how hard it makes life for parents that don’t allow this crap?

    Maybe soon Disney will sell a “You can break our stuff” dessert party up-charge to offset the cost for the rest of us non-breakers.

    • You know Chris maybe the problem isn’t these children’s parents. Maybe the problem is just that you’ve failed at making your children want to do the right thing.

  • As a totally 100 percent Human adult Male I can say with confidence that I am not attracted to the Robot at all…

  • At first I was thinking, “what a brat.” Then I realized that it was the parents that were actually the brats! I agree with Mike, these are the narcissistic parents and children that can make an expensive trip to the park a lot less pleasant.

  • This makes me so annoyed. You can’t do that at a Disney Park! That is not their property to beat up and to disrespect. This just makes me sad that the parents allow this. What brats.

    • At least you were raised. I was abandoned in a dumpster outside of a west Texas prom. Raised myself with the help of some rats and a hobo I called “Daddy”

  • What flat-out disrespect! Those children and their parents should be banned from the parks permanently for willful harassment of a droid. Jake the droid not their property to beat up and to disrespect. This just makes me sad that parents allow this. What brats these kids are! If I was a C I’d call the police and arrest them on the spot.

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