PHOTOS, VIDEO: Latest DisneyQuest Demolition in Preparation for the NBA Experience at Disney Springs

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Latest DisneyQuest Demolition in Preparation for the NBA Experience at Disney Springs
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With the NBA Experience on the way, the demolition of DisneyQuest at Disney Springs continues…

We have yet to see any concept art for the NBA Experience, so it is hard to judge what a lot of this demolition work is for exactly and how much of the building is actually staying.

For whatever reason, a number of squares holes have been cut in the building.

There’s not much to see on the bottom floor.

A lot of twisted steel is sitting behind the walls towards the back of the building.

The signage facing the outside of Disney Springs has started to come down.

No opening date has been provided for the NBA Experience at Disney Springs.

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  • I know Disney Quest wasn’t providing the draw as it did years ago, so I understand the closing… but the NBA themed Experience is an absolutely terrible replacement. The person responsible for signing off on that decision should no longer have a job at Disney.

    • I, too, am more interested in seeing the demolition of the DisneyQuest building than I am in seeing whatever the NBA experience will be.

  • If I am correct from seeing other buildings in similar fashion, the squares put into the side of the building is for demolition of the entire building (like when they take a building down with explosions).

    • I believe you are correct about the demolition. I read an article that if a building used steel H beams in its construction, the most efficient way to take down the building is to cut square holes in the building and place explosive charges to cut the beams from the center out allowing the weight of the building and gravity to collapse the building straight down. It should be quite a sight to see them implode this building.

  • It’s easy for people who don’t like or don’t know anything about sports to criticize the NBA Experience.
    But those of us “non-geek” Disney fans who also like sports are willing to give it a chance.
    Another place to eat/drink while watching games at Disney Springs sounds good to me.
    Splitsville is very, very busy on game days.

    • Yeah, because the exact same thing worked out so well for City Walk. I know sports, this is a stupid idea that will fail.

    • Aww how cute, Jeff doesn’t need think he’s a geek. Guess what Jeff, if you visit this site, that’s automatic geek status, welcome to the club!

  • This is still so sad to me. I loved DisneyQuest with every fiber of my being because as a gamer and a huge Disney fan, it was like a combination of my two loves, the coolest thing ever.

    I understand why they got rid of it. A lot of the stuff they had was never working (Ride the Comics anyone?) and the tech was outdated (on my last trip forgetting how uncomfortable the headgear was, the graphics and visuals of the VR was just awful) but if they’d decided to update it and give it the attention it deserved (as well as focus on video game IPs like Epic Mickey and Kingdom Hearts) I feel like DisneyQuest 2.0 could’ve shined.

    Replacing it for a sports/basketball themed experience when a) I hate sports and b) I’m too small for basketball anyways is just like rubbing salt in the wound.

    • They can’t keep up with the technology. It’s not cost effective. Not to mention the future of gaming is home based. Arcades are more obsolete than movie theaters

    • You don’t need to be a giant to play basketball. There have been sub 5’10 guys won the slam dunk contest at the all-star game. I’m pleased this place is opening but it would have been better to build a new building for it and “rebooted” Disney Quest. The best of both worlds.

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