REVIEW: Cars Land Haul-O-Ween Brings Ghoulish Goodies to the Cozy Cone

REVIEW: Cozy Cone Motel Snacks & More for Cars Land’s Haul-O-Ween Celebration

As part of Haul-O-Ween in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure, the Cozy Cone has a bevy of ghoulish-cious treats that will be offered only until October 31st, 2017. We tried them all (of course), and here are our thoughts on these seasonal offerings:

Halloween Churro – $4.50 (Cone 1)

How is it? Well, I’m not the biggest fan of pumpkin flavored snacks nor churros, so I was surprised and delighted when I enjoyed this one. The pumpkin flavor wasn’t overpowering and the churros tasted like it was fresh out of the oven.

“Slow Burnin’ Mac and Cheese Cone” – $8.99 (Cone 3)

“Pasta with spicy red pepper cheese sauce, topped with chili-cheese puffs, served in black cauldron cone”

I wish this would stay all year long, because it is fantastic. A spicy version of the solid Disneyland counter service mac and cheese with a lot more flavor from red pepper cheese sauce. The bread cone wasn’t bad either.

“Spoke-y Cone Macaron” (Cone 4)

A macaron filled with marshmallow buttercream and candy corn.

This is super sweet, but I really enjoyed it, especially when I would find a hidden piece of candy corn in a bite. The marshmallow cream is rather pleasant between the two soft pastry pieces. Personally, this is a must order for me.

Popcone with “Junkyard JamBOOree Mix” – $5.49 (Cone 5)

An optional add-on of M&M’s, candy corn, chocolate covered pretzels, boston baked beans, and ghost quins to any flavor of Popcone offered.

I’m not sure there are many flavors here that would go good with the mix, but butter should be fine. We went for white cheddar, which I also thought was enjoyable.

I really love snack mix and this one was absolutely delightful and a HUGE portion for the price. The Cozy Cone already offers a decent serving of popcorn, but it being mixed with all of these other items makes it much heavier, certainly enough for any family to share. The candy corn was the only item that doesn’t really mix well in a bite with popcorn, but otherwise, everything went together nicely. Again, I wish I could have this all year long.

16 ($10.99) or 32oz. ($12.99) Traffic Cone Sipper with Halloween Sticker (All Cones)

It’s kind of disappointing that they just offer a sticker pack with the cone cups for you to customize it, but the cone cups also haven’t been available to guests since May 2015, so its a good time to pick them up if you don’t have them.

I’m not going to lie, I did put some thought into buying 5 of these and decorating these like the actual Cozy Cones…

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3 years ago

These all look so yummy! Thanks for the cool pics!