RUMOR: The Jingle Cruise Holiday Overlay Will Not Return to Magic Kingdom, Disneyland

UPDATE: Disney Confirms Jingle Cruise for Walt Disney World, Still Unknown for Disneyland 2017

A few days ago, we told you that it was being rumored that the Jingle Cruise seasonal overly of the Jungle Cruise would not return to either coast this year. Well, we now know it will at least be at one resort.

Disney has informed us that the Jingle Cruise WILL return to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World for the 2017 holiday season. However, it remains unknown if it will return to Disneyland Park, but it at least sounds like, as of right now, that it will not be in Anaheim this year.

Despite not being promoted with all of the other seasonal offerings for this year, Magic Kingdom will add the holiday delight from November 2017 through January 2018. For whatever reason, California is looking to cut the offering, at least for this year. This is somewhat surprising as the Disneyland Resort relies on a mostly local audience who return every season for such overlays, as opposed to Walt Disney World where many guests are either first-timers or only return every few years.