Concept Art & Details Released for Shanghai Disneyland’s Toy Story Land, Opening Summer 2018

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Shanghai, November 30, 2017 – One of The Walt Disney Company’s most popular franchises will have an even bigger presence at Shanghai Disney Resort’s theme park, Shanghai Disneyland, when the park expands to include its 7th themed land. Shanghai Disney Resort today revealed details of the highly anticipated Disney Toy Story Land, the first post-opening expansion of the resort. The new land will feature attractions and entertainment celebrating fun and imagination for guests of all ages, and provide yet another reason for them to be immersed in the unparalleled storytelling and creativity of Shanghai Disneyland for multiple-day visits. Disney Toy Story Land is a sign of the early success of Shanghai Disney Resort, and demonstrates the confidence the joint venture shareholders have in the growing consumer demand for themed entertainment in China.

Based on the Disney•Pixar motion picture series, Disney Toy Story Land will be a high-spirited, colorful world where guests will feel as if they’ve been shrunk down to the size of their favorite Toy Story toys for laughter and fun with family and friends in the backyard of Andy, the boy from the movies. Woody, Buzz and their Toy Story friends come to life and play in this fully immersive land, which features three new attractions and a uniquely themed character greeting area.

Slinky Dog Spin: Slinky Dog has been amusing the toys all day long by chasing his own tail round-and-round a giant dog dish filled with toy bones – and soon Shanghai Disneyland guests will be invited to become the “honorary toys” in Disney Toy Story Land, where they will be able to take a seat inside Slinky Dog’s springy spirals and race around a wavy roundabout.

Rex’s Racer: Rex, Andy’s insecure Tyrannosaurus Rex toy enjoys playing with RC Racer almost as much as he likes playing video games. With help from his Triceratops friend Trixie, Rex will invite guests to climb into RC for a thrilling ride on the U-shaped track. With Rex at the controls, RC Racer, with guests aboard, zips forward and backward at ever increasing heights and exhilarating speed.

Woody’s Round-Up: Sheriff Woody has rounded up a herd of ponies, each one pulling a cart, in a ranch set up by Andy. Guests can climb aboard the carts as the ponies start a little square dance swinging their carts to and fro in time to the lively music.

Meeting Post: Next to Woody’s Round-Up is Old West, a town made up of a hitching post and façades for various enterprises, such as the sheriff’s office, the saloon and the bank. Here, guests can meet and pose for photos with some of their favorite Toy Story characters, including Woody, Jessie and Bullseye.

Guests can extend their Disney Toy Story Land experience with the fun, immersive shopping and dining opportunities in Al’s Toy Barn, the merchandise shop where some of Andy’s toys have been purchased, just like in the movie, and Toy Box Café, a restaurant themed to Andy’s packing boxes for Buzz Lightyear, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and Lotso Hugging Bear.

Characters and stories from the Toy Story franchise have strongly resonated with Chinese guests. Shanghai Disney Resort has the only Toy Story-themed hotel in the world, while Shanghai Disneyland is home to the popular Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue attraction, a guest favorite which features the most advanced Buzz Lightyear targeting system at any Disney park in the world.

With unique experiences guests can only enjoy at Shanghai Disneyland, the new Disney Toy Story Land is set to open by summer 2018.

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  • I am kind of baffled they didn’t add Toy Story Mania in too considering it is SO popular in the US and Tokyo. Maybe it just wasn’t in the budget, maybe they though it was too repetitive to have another shooting ride since there’s also an iteration of Buzz in Tomorrowland. Either way, still looks cooler to me than the planned land in DHS. Also, I can see Rex’s Racer getting looooooong lines unless that single ride vehicle eats up a LOT of guests and/or it’s a super short ride.

    • the DHS area is by far way more exciting than this, this is a carbon copy of the TS land of Paris and HK, wit the addition of the round up ride which is a copy of the one added in carsland in CA, its a fun land, Rex’s racer is extremely fun and holds a solid amount of people but its also maybe a 40 second ride so fast turn around, they already have it in the other TS lands. DHS’ is far larger, more interactive and immersive, a full blown launch coaster is far better than Rex’s racers and the aliens spin ride the same as slinky. You should take a better look at the DHS plans, its an exciting land to be receiving, and in all honesty the Paris land is better than this, they have the parachute drop ride, better than a second spinning ride imo, DHS will have the best of al the TS lands with the largest foot print, immersive feeling and rides.

      • RC Racer is a short ride but it last more than a minute. But capacity is a real problem it’s only a 400 person per hour ride…

        At the origin the paris version was envisionned with two rides doubling the capacity (same thing for parachute) and having a longer ride time but it was cancelled for budget reasons. I was suprised that the Shangai version was also the one ride version.

  • Other than the Woody’s Roundup area, this is pretty much the exact same as Hong Kong Disneyland’ s Toy Story land.

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