Disney Offers An Update on Sumatran Tiger Cubs at Animal Kingdom

Disney Offers An Update on Sumatran Tiger Cubs at Animal Kingdom
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It’s been a couple of months since we last saw the precious Sumatran tiger cubs that were recently birthed at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Now that the cubs are two months old, Disney has shared an update on the cubs’ growth and habitat. Below we have Jeda (male cub on the left), and Anala (female cub on the right).

The cubs are continuing to develop a strong bond with their mother, Sohni, and are beginning to display their own unique personalities. Jeda is very laid back, as is his father, Malosi. The name Jeda means “pause” in Malay, and is representative of the two parallel stripes on his head that resemble a pause button.

Anala loves to explore and has a more independent spirit. Her name means “fiery, sizzling” in Hindi.

Here is some additional information about the cubs from the Parks Blog:

“The cubs wrestle with each other constantly and love jumping on plants and logs,” said Erin Heavey, an animal care specialist who cares for the tigers. “Jeda in particular loves ripping the bark off the logs and playing with all the pieces that come off. Anala is becoming more adept at sneaking and pouncing and loves hiding behind things (even when she isn’t entirely hidden) and trying to surprise attack Sohni or her brother. This is actually something she gets from Sohni, who loves to “hide and sneak” even though she isn’t always very covert about it.”

It is still too soon for the cubs to make their way to the Maharajah Jungle Trek for the public to see, but the parents are still out on stage in the meantime.

Okay, this one is too cute…

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