PHOTOS, VIDEO: Giant Gingerbread Replica of Disney's Boardwalk Now on Display

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Giant Gingerbread Replica of Disney’s Boardwalk Now on Display

For the 2017 gingerbread house display at Disney’s Boardwalk, they decided to make a replica of the actual boardwalk and some of the more famous eateries along it…

IMG 7238

IMG 7223

Needless to say, it is not to scale.

IMG 7224

IMG 7225

IMG 7226

IMG 7227

IMG 7228

For a better look, check out our video of the display:

IMG 7230

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Similar to the line at the Contemporary Resort this year, the Boardwalk is selling mugs, plates, and ornaments exclusive to the resort. The plate is $16.99.

IMG 7231

The ornament retails for $14.99.

IMG 7232

The mug is $15.99.

IMG 7233

IMG 7234

IMG 7239

They also sell a number of gingerbread and other treats here.

IMG 7240

IMG 7241


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