RUMOR: Disney Restaurants at Walt Disney World to be Added to OpenTable for Reservations

If you want a reservation at a Disney-owned restaurant at Walt Disney World, you currently have to call 407-WDW-DINE or use the Disney website/mobile application to do so, but in the near future, it appears guests may be able to use OpenTable.

OpenTable allows people to make reservations for restaurants just about anywhere, in fact, several 3rd-party restaurants at Disney Springs use the service as well as the system. Disney would add the restaurants to OpenTable as well in hopes of gaining more attention with diners in the Orlando area, as the app showcases nearby restaurants when you open it.

OpenTable does have the capability of requiring a credit card hold for restaurants, so the same reservation parameters that currently apply at Disney restaurants would still be in place if this happens.

There is no set time frame for this service to roll out, but it should be fairly soon if it clears all of the appropriate channels.

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