Minnie Vans Service Begins Later This Month at Select Walt Disney World Hotels

BREAKING: Walt Disney World Launches Minnie Van Airport Transportation Service

Minnie Van Service is now offering transportation from select Walt Disney World Resort hotels for airline flight departures out of Orlando International Airport from 9AM until 12AM daily. The service was previously only for point-to-point transportation on Disney property.

REVIEW: Minnie Vans Transportation Service Launches Through Lyft at Walt Disney World

Transportation services can accommodate up to 6 persons per vehicle and up to three car seats for guests under the age of six. Guests using Minnie Vans to get to the airport are advised to use the Resort Airline Check-In for participating airlines. Starting with Disney’s Boardwalk, concierge guests only may visit the Resort Club Level Concierge to book this trip. Provided it is successful, the test will widen scope to other guests and resorts.

The cost per trip is $150.00.

Concierge guests are being invited via printed paper advertisements to use the service at Boardwalk.



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  1. We have always taken the Magical Express to and from the airport when we visit, and it usually is a bit of a grind having to stop at multiple resorts before reaching your destination… HOWEVER, $150 is an outrageous price for an alternative means of transportation, especially when the ME is free

  2. I like the idea, but not the price. Is it only for departures?

    We took a few Minnie Van trips during our last trip, and we were pretty happy with the service. But this price still seems way too high.

    1. Our Lyft Plus rides to and from MCO last month were $55 (plus tip – of course.) $150 is truly ridiculous.

  3. Magical Express is an excellent FREE transportation service. The trade-off, of course, as previously mentioned is the typical multiple stops to or from the resorts when using this service.
    We have almost always used the Town Car Service that are available in the Orlando area. For us as DVC members, the included free 20 minute grocery stop is invaluable for our grocery and adult beverage stop.
    Did I forget to mention that the Town Car services are competitive and our cost is between $110-$120 ROUND TRIP (plus tip).
    This gets us there in relative comfort, groceries and beverages in hand and a specified (and closer to departure time pick-up) which gives us more time in the parks.
    It really does boil down to your own personal and financial preferences. Some want to save that $$ for other vacation options, some like the convenience and less travel time to and from MCO.
    Finally, $150 one way is crazy high. I am sure this would be adjusted IF the demand for a $150 one -way transport does not take off.

  4. being from NJ we fly into MCO numerous times a year. & all though it’s cute…its not worth $150 ever. When an Uber is usually like $45, good article though bro.

  5. I wonder how Mears taxi feels about this even though their terrible service is why Disney keeps expanding Minnie Vans with Lyft. I would gladly more not to take Mears but a regular uber or Lyft is cheaper, easier and faster to book then a Minnie Van

  6. We use a town car service for 70-75 each way. We tried to use the Minnie van on our last trip, but could never get a car to show up. Ended up in a cab for less $! So be warned if you are counting on this!

  7. I feel like the price, while not something worth paying, kind of makes sense. First, since the vans only make departure runs, so you’re really paying for a round trip. Then you’re also paying for 1 car out of a limited supply to be out of service for an hour minimum. This isn’t an issue for ride share or livery companies as they don’t care if they’re all booked at any one point in time, whereas Disney needs to have the advertised service constantly available to guests. It seems like this is something guests want but the service wasn’t built for.

    1. Nope, it doesn’t make any kind of sense. To justify the cost by saying that the vehicle is making a round trip is a bit out there, every shuttle type service is essentially making multiple round trips throughout the day. However, the passenger is allowed to make a one way trip and so is essentially forced into paying double. It’s not the passenger’s fault that Disney has structured this part of their transportation service so inefficiently that they must severely overcharge in this manner.

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