Club 33 Memberships for Walt Disney World Now On Sale to Golden Oak Residents, Pricing Revealed

Residents of Walt Disney World’s residential community Golden Oak are now among the first receiving applications to join the new Club 33 on the east coast.

Construction on the "all-but-confirmed" Club 33 location at Hollywood Studios
Construction on the “all-but-confirmed” Club 33 location at Hollywood Studios

The initial registration cost is around $25,000, with annual dues costing roughly $15,000.

Walt Disney World plans to open a Club 33 location in each of the four theme parks, though they are yet to confirm any of those locations as of yet. The rumored locations include the Adventureland Veranda at the Magic Kingdom, the upstairs lounge at the American Adventure in Epcot, the former Catwalk Bar at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and a back room at Tiffins at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.


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  1. With the poor quality and high price at Disney, this sounds low price for just a burger. I expected it to be A LOT more. Not many affluent folks visit disney much less rich though. #DisneyNeedsHigherQuality

    1. Where exactly do you get your facts? On what do you base your assumption that affluent people don’t visit Disney? If you believe that Disney is poor quality A) you are delusional and entitled B) Get off the Disney news site and stop trolling

      It doesn’t make you one of the cool kids to complain incessantly about Disney and act like you’re better than people those of us who love it.

    2. Keep in mind that Golden Oak is comprised of houses that have starting prices of well over $2 million. I would say that that is fairly affluent and they live in a residential neighborhood owned by Disney World. Obviously the quality isn’t an issue for them.

        1. Hmmm you’ve given me a great idea for a new resort theme specifically designed for millennials.

          Moms basement resort

  2. First it’s club level guest can buy extra fast passes then club level only mini vans to the airport now club 33 to only the very rich. Is there gping to be any room for the common people. Oh yea they sell tickets now at Wal-Mart and other fine establishments

    1. First two items are in testing only. If you think Disney won’t give “common people” a chance to spend more money, you’re quite delusional. Second, you should make up your mind who you want to degrade – club level guests, or people who shop at Walmart, Target, etc. (Hint- there’s a very good chance there’s some overlap there. It’s not only the elite who stay Club Level.)

  3. Club 33 level memberships really would not effect the typical park-goer at WDW. As in Disneyland, Club 33 is in a non-discript, tucked away area in New Orleans Square. They have both corporate and individual memberships there that, in my opinion, have also not affected your typical guest experience at the park. What I believe makes the Disneyland experience so magical is that “Walt” helped design and implement this wonderful dining venue. (Stories of a hidden mic in the vulture display in the small dining room so he could hear the guests reaction to the park)
    As a person who has been blessed to be a dining guest there, it was a Bucket List experience for me.

    As for WDW, I believe this whole concept will NOT command the same type of membership (and waiting list) that Disneyland commands. With Los Angeles so close along with the corresponding population and financial opportunities of both corporations and individuals there is somewhat of a large difference maker at Disneyland along with the fact that they have a HUGE annual passholder count. Meaning that ALOT of passholder locals go to Disneyland quite often (maybe just for a few hours at a time). This is quite a different story at WDW where a large cross-section of attendance is international OR out-of-state.

    I believe that a Club 33 type venue could work at WDW BUT not as an add-on at the Adventureland Veranda or at some back room at Tiffins along with the Chase Loung at Epcot. You know what they say – location…location….location. What is it that really wows people at Magic Kingdom. The fireworks, castle projection show and the (past) nighttime parades. For the life of me I cannot understand why something was either built on the 2nd floor at the end of the Main Street buildings or an outright new building somewhere near the back alley entrance from the hub area. The same really goes for the rest of the locations except possibly the Catwalk Bar over Hollywood Brown Derby which may capture the fireworks, Chinese Theatre projections at night. It really just seems that WDW is building “cheap” and counting on high numbers. I think their locations will hurt them more than they know.
    Its not like they would not be getting a fairly quick ROI if they did build from scratch much like the DVC business has been doing for years.
    I really don’t think they are “realistically” looking at what they would need to do to really draw in a Club 33 membership as Disneyland and WDW have a vastly different park guest base.

  4. We were expecting these prices so it’s not shocking. I do think they should choose more interesting places for their clubs though. Walking into the back of Tiffins wouldn’t be worth my 25k (if I had it)

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