PHOTOS: New Safety Stickers Applied In Every Monorail Car at Walt Disney World

Guests taking a ride on the Walt Disney World will notice 8 new decal warning signs applied in every Monorail car as of today. The decals warn guests to not lean against the doors, which of course will halt the forward motion of the train automatically.

The decals have been added in hopes Guests will read them and not lean on the doors, a constant reason for unplanned stops on the system.

The stickers look to be temporary, so hopefully a nicer looking solution is in the works.

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  1. I rode the monorail on Saturday and these stickers were up. additionally , the monorail driver came on the speaker after every stop and told everyone to go to the middle of the monorail and away from the doors.

  2. I was on Monorail Red on Saturday 1/6/18 and the door flew open less than 30 seconds after departing the TTC, after a tech spent over ten minutes trying to repair the system while in the station when the door would not close. The train did not stop and we rode the whole way to Epcot with the door wide open. The driver was completely unaware and stated he has no way of knowing from the cab that that had happened.

    The monorails are not safe. A sticker on the door doesn’t change anything.

    If you’re interested I have video.

    1. Can confirm that some of Monorail Red’s doors do have problems (constantly open and close in the station after all the doors have been shut.) However, I highly doubt this happened with all the safety measures in place.

  3. These Monorail cars are 20 years older than theirs original expected life. Parts are so hard to find they have to have them made. Safety is Disney’s #1 priority with the monorails. Every door has a safety sensor that will stop the train if any door flys open. Additionally the train cannot leave the station if a door is not properly closed. It is extremely rare that the train would travel around the track with a door open. Something very unusual must have happened. If someone leans on the door while traveling it could trigger a safety switch causing the train to stop. If the train is not safe it will be removed immediately from the rail!

    1. The door was not closing properly in the station. They had maintenance come in and he forced the door to close, but it clearly was a jury-rigged fix and did not hold. The door was fine as we pulled out of TTC but as we made the turn coming out of TTC it opened and remained so. Whatever failsafes they have in place did not operate.

      1. Hey Abbie, how about next instead of taking video you pick up one of the 2 emergency phones in the car and alert the driver! I mean you obviously weren’t that concerned if you nor anyone else picked up a phone!

        1. Hi , Sas. Thank you for your helpful comment. Unfortunately, I and the other riders in the car were unaware of the existence of these phones until the driver advised us of their presence after we detrained. Perhaps Disney might consider including them in their announcements.

          1. After viewing the video, it is clear that the emergency phone is RIGHT BEHIND YOU ABBIE!! Easily and safely within your reach, all you had to do was turn your head! And you guys are laughing about the door being open, so clearly concerned about your safety “thank Christ!”

          2. The PHONE is not the issue. Disney cut backs in every way, including safety are the issue.

          3. Sas- Why do you assume that they would be aware of the emergency phones? Perhaps you are very aware of the layout of the monorail cabins, but I doubt a casual Disney guest would be. If I had been in this cabin, I think I would have been in a state of shock and wouldn’t want to move from my seat. The giggling on the video seemed more of a relieved type as their journey was ending. Frustration shouldn’t be directed at Abbie, but rather, Disney whose sensors failed to detect that a door was open.

        2. Sas – your comment to Abbie is reckless. Shame on you. — Disney still refuses to upgrade/replace these old relics – which has no warning system to the driver when the system fail.s Disney now expects the passengers to use the phone to tell the driver that a door is open. —

    2. When we arrived at the station in Epcot one of the platform attendants realized the situation but the boarding side could not see the broken door and began loading passengers. Nobody asked us for any information. We had to inform the engineer of what happened, and were yelled at for not using the emergency phone – which we were unaware was there, and regardless my party could not have safely reached it. We were not asked to provide any further detail or for contact information for follow up. The entire situation was handled very poorly and Disney is very fortunate that the only child in the car was a lap infant. The Epcot rail is too high to survive if a passenger were to fall out.

      1. I am not surprised they yelled at you and couldn’t care less about other passengers entering. Disney would have sequestered you, taken your phone, and sued you for posting this video. Honestly Disney should be shut down for this crap. Happens over and over and never gets reported. As long as they making profit over everything else, this will keep happening.

      2. Have to agree with Sas on this one. Everyone seems to find it comical on the train and showed zero concern. Hard to believe that if everyone was so concerned with safety that NO ONE found the phone and called. I’m guessing that you have heard the stories about people being stuck in the monorails for a few hours, so everyone just agreed to stay away from the door and not call anyone because they didn’t want to lose a few hours out of their day. Yep, that’s it!

        1. The video that I saw was when they were pulling into Epcot. If the door opened at the TTC and they had made it that far, they were probably all relieved. Laughing at that point of the journey doesn’t seem all that inappropriate to me and it sounds more like relieved giggling. I don’t understand the attacks being directed to Abbie. If I were on that monorail, I would probably be frozen and not thinking “is there an emergency phone that I can utilize.”

          1. AMJ – Frozen?!?! LOL! It’s a vehicle that is on a fixed path, it’s not a rocket ship that is twisting and turning. Give me a break! No one wanted to use the phone because no one wanted their day to be ruined. That’s it.

          2. Mike H.- yes, I’d be pretty petrified if all of the sudden the door of the monorail opened as it was moving. It isn’t a kiddie train. It’s like 30 feet up and travels at about 40 mph. I would not be comfortable AT ALL if the door that was supposed to be closed malfunctioned. Good for you and your bravery! I hope I’m in a train with you if that happens and you can make the call. Trust me, having my day “ruined” by being evacuated would not be what I would be concerned about.

        2. Guests are NOT PAID employees and are not required to deal with dangerous situations due to maintenance issues. — Following your logic – then Disney should have stickers informing guests that they are required to work their shift while riding.

  4. Yo just put everyone in one cabin on a single cable its much safer then monorails, blimps or hot air balloons

  5. after 20 years of visits I know disney strives for safety. however when dealing with humans & machines…….

    1. You have GOT to be kidding. Disney cares and pays for an ‘image of safety’, but I can assure you, actual safety takes a back seat to profit in every way. You have no idea.

  6. Look at the many so obvious ways Disney World has cut back, and you can only IMAGINE what is going on back stage. The Monorails are VERY UNSAFE. They never have been prepared if smoke or electrical fire, if you can imagine, where would you go? Many areas are unreachable in the event of an emergency, and the reachable areas it can take 30-40 minutes to get everyone evacuated via a ladder fire truck.

    1. While it’s not her fault for the incident, using the notification feature that’s there for your safety is somewhat foolish. It’s like not calling to report a fire because the smoke alarms should pick that up – you don’t *have* to but it’s a smart idea to tell people about a serious problem so they can do something about it.

      If someone *had* fallen and been hurt or even killed, would you want that on your conscious that you could have done something to stop it and didn’t? That the first response was to film and post it instead of notifying authorities is problematic to say the least. No one should be yelling at Abbie but pointing out the behavior was less then ideal is not unreasonable.

  7. This story has gone internationally now. Thank you Tom for posting it! And thank you Abby for doing the same. Stickers won’t help when people weren’t leaning on the door…it left the station at TTC open. No warning. Disney isn’t nearly as safe as people chalk it up to be. Not fear mongering, just pointing out, you can only cut back sooooo far before people’s safety affected. Disney is way past that point. Disney should be fined heavily for this.

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