PHOTOS, VIDEO: Audio-Animatronics Literally Lose Their Heads at California Adventure & Disneyland Paris

It’s been a tough week for Disney audio-animatronics. Social media buzzed with photos and videos of audio-animatronics in both Disney’s California Adventure and Disneyland Paris with their heads disconnected. The issues come just a few days after a negative reaction on the Ellen show when Ellen was supposedly presented with what was left of her audio-animatronic from the Universe of Energy.

At Disneyland in California, it was the Ursula audio-animatronic in The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. According to Twitter, the ride was closed sometime before 2pm local time, but not before guests took photos and video. As of 6:15 pm, the attraction is still listed as closed, Thanks to instagram user disneysapsquad and Twitter users @l_uren, @Disney_Gem and @namhmai.

Coincidentally, at Disneyland Paris, the auctioneer pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean was experiencing a similar malfunction. Thanks to instagram user nomidnightpodcast and Twitter user @HOPAJUL.


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