VIDEO: Ellen is Reunited with “What’s Left” of Her Audio Animatronic from Epcot’s Universe of Energy

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Today on the Ellen show, Ellen came face to face with what was supposedly her audio-animatronic character (or at least pieces of it) from the former Universe of Energy:

While quite funny, the sad truth is that the only pieces that were authentic were the red t-shirt and brown pants, which were donated by a private collector. The audio-animatronic figure was destroyed and used for parts by Walt Disney Imagineering way ahead of the closure of the ride last August, thus why the figure was missing completely from the attraction the last few years. Disney’s PR department originally wanted to send the figure to Ellen after she went on her show asking for it, but they were unaware that it had already been dismantled.

Disney has publicly denounced the skit, stating that they did not provide the props, nor is the figure a real Disney attraction prop. Regardless, the television segment makes Disney looks a little silly, especially just weeks removed from the controversy over the Donald Trump animatronic.

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