REVIEW: Blueberry-Lemon Mardi Gras Beignets at Disneyland’s Mint Julep Bar

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Mardi Gras is less than a month away and New Orleans Square is ready to party!

I managed to snag the first batch of man-catchin’ Mardi Gras Begniets of the day from the Mint Julep Bar and they did not disappoint. Instead of traditional powdered sugar, these pillowy treats are covered with a  blueberry-lemon sprinkle mix. These might just be my favorite variety Disney has ever offered.

They are sold as a 3-pack for $4.49 and 6-pack for $7.49 (no discounts apply).

This seasonal offering hasn’t been given an official announcement or end-date, but I definitely recommend snagging a bag of these for a delightful breakfast in Disneyland Park.


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Tom Consciousless
Tom Consciousless

Are you just gonna leave us Disney maniacs to watch theses inferior podcasting freaks? I had to listen to a DIS unplugged panel yesterday and I blame you and Nick for that. You’ll get your blood mean “patreon subscription” if that’s what this all about.


Look too pretty to eat!