REVIEW: New “Happy Trail Mix” with House-Made Marshmallows in Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

New at Westward Ho in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom guests will find a Happy Trail Mix…

With the maple popcorn gone next door, it’s nice to see something somewhat-themed being offered in the area.

It comes in a little resealable bag that features a Mickey Mouse as Davy Crockett sticker, which is pretty cute.

Inside you’ll find pretzels, “chocolate gems”, mixed nuts, unadvertised raisins, and the “house-made” marshmallows. The cast member at the location went out of her way to tell us that they were indeed being made fresh backstage, and she couldn’t believe they were spending time to make marshmallows in house. It is pretty shocking in this era of the parks, but it’s a really cool thing that makes a big difference.

My big complaint with this is that it is really pretzel-heavy. The marshmallows were fantastic, but there just wasn’t enough of them. More of the other items would have been nice as well, but this was a really good trail mix if the mood strikes you while in the Magic Kingdom.

I found that the proper way to enjoy this was to take a pretzel and situate your favorite items on it, like so. I’m joking, you can eat trail mix however you want.

If you want something sweet and salty at the Magic Kingdom and you love marshmallows, I think this is a must-buy snack.