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RUMOR: Sweet Spells at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Close in February in Favor of Toy Story Store

The Sweet Spells bake shop inside of the Beverly Sunset facade at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is rumored to close in February to be converted into an additional retail location along Sunset Boulevard.

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The attached shop to Sweet Spells was named Villains in Vogue until 2015 when it became Reel Vogue. Reel Vogue became home to mostly PIXAR-related items in recent months, so it is to no surprise that the converted Sweet Spells space is rumored to become home to Toy Story merchandise. Considering there is no full retail store in Toy Story Land (just some themed merchandise carts), this will likely be the hub for Toy Story items in the park come this Summer.

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Sweet Spells offers a number of baked and sweet goods, such as cookies, fudge, caramel apples, “whoopie pies“, and of course, the carrot cake cookie. Don’t worry, the carrot cake cookie is already available at Trolley Car Cafe across the street and will be staying there. Some other more popular baked items should make the move as well, but it will likely leave some favorite snacks unavailable to the park.

  1. If only there was an entire land dedicated to Toy Story being built at Hollywood Studios. Then they would have a perfect place for a toy story store. But yeah, this makes sense to place a store elsewhere in the park other than the actual land it’s themed for.

    1. Now what would really make sense would be Bonnie having an entire merchandise shop in her backyard. I hear she’s just started catering to the rich toys though and just cares about money grabs. Andy is rolling over in his grave.

    2. This kind of stuff keeps you up at night, doesn’t it. I’d suggest some melatonin, a nice cup of sleepy time tea and some real perspective on life.

  2. We would miss this. We stop here in our way to Fantasmic to pick up munchies as the line in Fantasmic are crazy long.

    1. Yeah it’s too bad there’s no other place in the park to grab a munchie. Closing this one place would literally eliminate all options for food.

  3. Used to love this store when it was Villains in Vogue in the early 2000’s. Once all the Villains merchandise moved out, the store is just a another Disney little kids store.

  4. The best chocolate-covered strawberries I’ve ever had. Consistently good everytime we visit. They’re one of the things we look forward to most at HS. It will be missed.

  5. This ticks me off, toy story has many things that translate perfectly to a theme park, ALs ToyBarn and Pizza Planet. The fact that neither of those are in ToyStory land is inexcusable. Disney should have actually put some effort into pizza rizzo and created a different style of eatery while creating a better version of pizza planet in toystory land

  6. I would like to see an updated list of merchandise stores vs attractions on Disney property(especially studios) I bet the merch stores will win that one.

  7. I understand change is necessary. I’ve been going to Disney for 40 years. I’m not sure who votes on the changes but they should have input from the fans. It’s getting sad. A family park with tradition. I want to take my kids on the same rides I went on with my parents as a child.
    Not what makes corporate more money. Down town Disney was awesome. Now Disney springs is a mess.Didn’t even recognize it last time I went.

    1. “The parks aren’t a museum. Also, get over your childhood and grow up Rachel”

      -Walt Disney

    2. Completely agree with you Rachel. And every change seems to be towards an IP. I also get the reason, but it would be nice to keep some of the traditions.

  8. Not only the BEST Chocolate covered strawberries in all the parks – the best slushies too. Like none other anywhere in the world or planet. We were surveyed twice by Disney outside Sweet Spells in 2014 and 15 about the shop. We told them the truth we drive from Western New York 1200 miles specifically for these two things. Heck its the only reason we go to the studios lately.
    A Toy store? Another horibble decision by a rapidly declining company. Maybe they will open The Last Jedi Toy Store – toys selling like hotcakes…

  9. I find that hard to believe as Sweet Spells is always so very crowded. I have a hard time seeing if there’s any candy I want to stand in line for. They would have to open a candy shop somewhere else in the park. It’s not right when a theme park doesn’t have a candy shop. Some, like Universal’s parks, have two. Epcot could use a second one, as their candy shop in Germany only focuses on caramel.

  10. Why don’t they close Disney Hollywood Studios down.
    There doing dum changes.
    There trashed the park with all new things. I’m never going back there the one in Florida is better.

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