RUMOR: Club Level Walt Disney World Guests Will Be Able to Buy Additional FastPasses

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According to WFTV’s Chip Skambis, Walt Disney World  may soon offer their Club Level resort hotel guests up to three additional FastPass+ reservations at a price.

Skambis is claiming the charge will be $50 per guest, per day for the three additional bookings. The hook would be that it would require a 3 day minimum resort stay. These FastPass+ reservations would be in addition to the three guests can already make per day in advance and there would be no buying restrictions on particular attractions.

WDWNT sources have still not heard anything on this offering, so you may want to take it with a grain of salt until more information becomes available.

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  • This is inevitable. The day is coming when you will be able to download, at a cost, extra FP’s.
    I’m confident someone is working on fitting it into My Disney Experience.
    Disneyworld will become an ever-increasing Pay to Play venue.
    I can foresee a ticket to get into the park, then extra paid “pass” to get into certain “premium lands… like Pandora, Star Wars Land, etc.
    I’m not saying it is bad or good, just the way it may well be…..

    • 1) This is a rumor and, even if it is true, I doubt many people will pay for it outside of peak season when you can just book three more free later. It’s like how Universal sells the Express Passes but literally nobody buys them.
      2) How many of the parks even have six attractions worth fastpassing. It’s just Magic Kingdom, and it’d be worse for your day anyways since in the end you’d get on less rides since you’d have to book fastpass blocks for the first six hours of your trip before you could get more.
      3) I doubt Disney would do the premium lands thing, but IF they did, it’d be no different from the ticketed system from Magic Kingdom’s opening few years. In fact it’d probably decrease the price of general park admission overall.

      • Heather,
        Your points are well taken, but lets see… I’ll start from the back first.
        3) I highly doubt the words “decrease” and “price” will EVER show up in an official Disney sentence.
        2) The paranoid Disney guest WILL gobble up as many FP’s as can be bought. I agree, as it stands today, THE Kingdom is the only place it actually makes sense. I can’t speak for Animal Kingdom since I haven’t been in a long time.
        1) Ever try to book “3 later.” I doubt Mine Train, Mansion, or any of the 3 Mountains would be available.

        … Of course, no one really knows, but it is fun to speculate this stuff back and forth

        • If you book Space, Splash and Mine Train early in the day, almost all other rides can be gotten as additional day of, assuming its only a moderately busy day.

        • 3) I doubt it, but it’s more likely than keeping the prices consistent for less.
          2) Animal Kingdom still isn’t worth it. You can only snatch up one Pandora fastpass for free booking. The way they’re doing it is smarter by allowing multipass booking but I still don’t think it’ll be popular. Also those paranoid and rich enough to do it are few and far between.
          1) I’ve grabbed Haunted Mansion fastpasses twice in one day, managed to snatch Seven Dwarfs day of (granted that was just me but still) and snagged Mountain fastpasses day of multiple times. I’ve also managed to fit in twenty-five rides in one day, and the only fastpass I haven’t been able to grab day of is Peter Pan. This is the same with Frozen, Flight of Passage, and Test Track (my most recent trip to Epcot I managed to snag a party of three fastpasses to all the E-tickets) I’ve actually been considering doing WDW47 for a while if I could scrounge up the money to stay on property with a friend because I’m so good at snagging fastpasses.

          But uh bragging about my Disney experiences aside, I have. XD It’s a bit of a pain sometimes, but it is doable if you have the patience for it.

          • So the key to riding as many rides as possible is to simply be a sad and lonely adult that goes to the parks by themselves, good deal.

  • We always stays in Club Level at the Polynesian resort and I’m sorry but for what we pay to stay in Club Level they should GIVE us 3 additional fast passes per person per day for free not charging us extra.

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