SHOP: Purple Wall, Orange Bird, & Spaceship Earth Baseball Caps Now Online

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Disney has recently embraced some of the cult favorites that have developed among fans over the years in baseball cap form. All hats retail for $21.99 each. If you would like to shop all the hats just go here!

Orange Bird

If You Can Read This… Thank the Phoenicians

Peter Pan ”I’m So Fly”



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Melanie B.
Melanie B.

Don’t know that the Phoenicians quote is fun or clever enough to warrant merchandise, especially for something as epic as Spaceship Earth. I’d prefer a vintage Horizons or Mr. Toad hat!

Alex Murphy
Alex Murphy

I think Disney might be taking this “specialty hat” thing too far already, and they’ve put out only a few designs to my knowledge. Now, if they release caps with retro attractions and other designs on them, that’s a cash cow waiting to be discovered. If they release the right designs, they will make a boat load of money from these caps.