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Walt Disney World Testing Registered Nurse First Aid Centers at Resort Hotels

Starting next week, Walt Disney World will run a test program providing first aid centers with a registered nurse at a resort hotel.

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Beginning January 22nd and lasting for 90 days, guests at Disney’s All-Star Resorts needing assistance can visit the All-Star Music Resort lobby between 7AM and 11AM daily. Similar to the in-park first aid, the resort nurse will be able to offer over-the-counter medications, bandages, and other basic first aid.

  1. Would have come in handy when my little nephew pulled down the coffee pot from the counter and sliced himself up good. Thankfully my sis is well prepared for such issues with the world’s most accident prone kiddos.

    1. So did the kid just bleed to death since there wasn’t a nurse around? Also, your sister should watch her kids better.

  2. A number of stays ago I drank some water out of the sink and got sick for a day. Asked the front desk if there was a nurse or something there or on phone and was told only could call for a ambulance. That would been nice back then to have someone onsite, or someone whom on-call in that area for resorts.

    I also couldn’t leave the room as had to go to the bathroom so often not able to make it to the store to get pills or something if the store had it.

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