BREAKING: Japan Pavilion at Epcot to Add Signature Seafood & Steakhouse Restaurant

As part of the ongoing expansion of Epcot, the Japan pavilion will be adding a 3rd table service restaurant, a signature seafood and steakhouse establishment that has yet to be named.


The restaurant will reside on the first floor of the shopping/dining complex, taking over space utilized for some of the Mitsukoshi store, merchandise storage, and other backstage facilities. Guests will enter the restaurant to the right of the existing Mitsukoshi store, along an expanded pathway across the front of the pavilion.

According to internal documents, the interior will have a few different themed rooms:

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
  • Material Room (Check-In, Lobby)
  • Wa Room
  • Water Room
  • Washi Room
  • Wood Room
  • Stone Room
  • Earth Room

No additional information is available at this time as the project has not yet been announced by Disney, nor the 3rd party company that operates the dining venues in the pavilion.

No timeframe for the opening of the new restaurant has been given, but construction should begin in the next few weeks.

  1. Oh no, the Mitsukoshi store is one of our favorite places in EPCOT. I hope they will not be cutting into it too much. Daughter is a huge fan of all things Japanese and we always spend over an hour in the store. I’m sure the new restaurant will be beautiful, but it would be better to see a new pavilion added. I’m looking at Russia or India!

    1. Mitsukoshi is just a shell of what it once was. The replaced the pretty well dressed Geishas that used to bow with plane jane gals dressed in house frocs. Half the food they used to have is gone. Most of the cool merch they used to carry is gone and whats left is mostly made in china.

  2. Do they still have an empty attraction building in the back of this lot? Why not use that? I’m actually kinda shocked that Disney is removing retail space…

  3. I like this addition. I have been to Teppan Edo numerous times and it’s extremely similar to any hibachi grill outside of Disney World… I have not been to the other table service in Japan though, so I cannot comment on that.

    1. Whoa, whoa, slow down with those hot takes, Billy. Next thing you’ll be feeling is that IPs are being “jambed” into the parks.

      1. And I feel like you’re jumping to conclusions that they’re misspelling jam and not simply concerned with the doorways in Epcot.

  4. Epcot is a dump. It’s in a sever need to upgrade RIDES. Not just one or two. Them adding dining without adding attractions is silly. They have turned it into an all year drink/eat/sample fest to try and cover up the lack of enough entertainment. If not drunk, there’s not enough to do there. Especially considering the huge crowds.

      1. True. But Disney doesn’t go theme parks very well either. Epcot is about 10 rides short of being worthy of a visit, unless you want to eat and drink and get out. Sounds like Disney Springs. But with admission price.

    1. You’re a dump! Epcot is beautiful and amazing. The entire park is the ride. You are constantly surrounded by stunning views of incredible architecture. Epcot exists to inspire ideas that make our lives efficient, artistic and enviormentally aware. That said! They’re currently building a roller coaster about superheroes for people like you so, good times

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