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Animal Kingdom Entertainment Cuts to End Chakranadi and Discovery Island Harp Act This Month

Two popular entertainment acts at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are ending in February 2018.

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Chakranadi, the duo playing the sitar and tabla in the Anandapur village in Asia, is set to end on February 17th.

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Also ending on that day will be the Discovery Island Sunset Serenatas, an act that had a musician playing a Paraguayan harp across from Flame Tree Barbecue.

No replacement act for either offering has been announced or is scheduled at this time.


  1. Hmmm, I always enjoy the entertainment at the theme parks, often times more than the attractions. I miss the Department of Public Works at the Studios and certainly will miss the sitar and tabla in India.

  2. Disney does not care if the sheep have fun, only that the sheep keep returning. As long as the parks are packed, why offer ANYTHING that isn’t another sale point or advertisement?

  3. I am so sad the harpist is gone and won’t be there on my return visit this fall…he is exceptional and his music moved me to tears . SO so sad…😢😢😢

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