Renovation of Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris Not to Include Mission: Breakout! Overhaul

After months of speculation about the fate of Disneyland Paris Resorts’ Tower of Terrorsources state that the expected re-theming of the ride to Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! has been shelved, in favor of a more subtle renovation and re-theming, including a rumored removal of any connection to the Twilight Zone franchise.

The ride is expected to see scaffolding erected May 21st, 2018, with a themed tarp covering the exterior while work takes place, and it is estimated for work to continue through March 2019. Although the attraction will not fully close, details about the new storyline that the attraction will carry are unclear, with rumors that The Walt Disney Company’s license on The Twilight Zone intellectual property is coming to an end, and the company may be choosing not to renew it. As a result, the two remaining Twilight Zone themed Tower of Terror attractions in Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World may see storylines changes similar to that of the Hotel Hightower theme at DisneySea in Tokyo.

guardians mission breakout night

The ride first opened in December 2007 and is consistently one of the most popular rides in the Walt Disney Studio Parks. The exterior of the building is often used for Star Wars themed projected night-time spectaculars, celebrating new film releases, Star Wars Day in May, as well as the centerpiece for the Season of the Force event that runs annually from January to March. Whether these shows will continue while renovations take place is in doubt. However, with the success of these events in the past, it is likely a solution will be found.

It is unclear at this time why (or even if) the company chose to not re-theme the ride to Mission: Breakout!, as recently in the 10-year forecast for the park, Walt Disney chairman, Bob Iger, stated he wanted to heavily implement the Marvel intellectual properties into the attractions and entertainment at the Walt Disney Studios Park. However, this may only be stage one of some long-term plans for the attraction, and the resort as a whole.

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    1. Eh No it’s not have u seen the one in Tokyo ITS TERRIBLE the story line is stupid and makes me depressed . Think about everything you love about this ride getting screwed up chucked away and changed into s cheap new ride just cuz Disney are too selfish to pay CBS for the rights

      1. ….yeah. We went through that. It’s called Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout. But the fact it’s not happening is a victory for Tower

  1. I Hale this doesn’t happen I want tower to always be the same exempt they need to refurb the outside cuz it’s braking

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