BREAKING: Concept Art, Details Revealed for Walt Disney World’s New 350-Room Hotel with Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge

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More details have finally become available on the new 350-room hotel being constructed near the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin hotels.

The new hotel, which will be leased to the Tishman Hotel Corporation just as the Swan and Dolphin are, will be adjacent to Fantasia Gardens Mini-Golf. The yet-to-be-named hotel will be 13 stories tall, contain 350 guest rooms (151 suites, 199 standard), meeting space, a fitness center, elevated pool deck, and a rooftop restaurant and lounge.

The rooftop restaurant and lounge will feature a dedicated ground floor entrance and elevator for those not staying at the resort. It will be a 375 seat upscale restaurant with a partial expo kitchen. The bar will have about 40 seats. The windows will be floor to ceiling to provide a great view of Walt Disney World, including a rooftop trellis area for unobstructed views.

The pool will be about 2500 square feet in size, featuring an inside and outside bar.

The new parking lot will accommodate 321 vehicles, with 50 spaces reserved for mini-golf parking. The Fantasia Gardens mini-golf will continue to operate mostly unchanged, with the exception of the entry area and some new backstage facilities necessitated by the new construction.

No completion date for the project has been given, but construction is set to begin soon.

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  • Utterly horrific.

    They’ve turned all of WDW into the “LBV Official Hotel” district of boring, soul-less, non-descript mid-rise hotel towers you can find in any suburb anywhere in the country. So much for the WDW Bubble. Awful suburban sprawl as found throughout the rest of Orlando.

    I loathe the people who run the Company and WDW.

    • You also don’t understand what the word “suburban” means but you seem passionate and that’s all you really need these days, so rage on!

      • Kenny: In this case, the dictionary definition of “suburban” may not matter. The reality is that this building looks like many of the new hotels currently being thrown up by the airports and in the suburbs of most major cities around the country. It is unimaginative, and it does not fit well with Graves’ Swan and Dolphin. You would expect something more on this high-profile site.

        • The swan and dolphin look like a grandmas idea if luxury. Sorry this new building seems to ruffle those geriatric feathers. You could always not stay there and move on with your life.

          • …..obviously grandma is creative and exciting and youre just basic like an airport hotel. stop arguing and go back to ikea <3

          • Kenny – why so edgy? Again, the design isn’t bad, just generic. Clearly you are not fan of the Swan and Dolphin, but they do have an over-the-top style. The new building would be great at the Akron airport, but it does clash with its neighbors. The new hotel will likely be very nice, and the view from the top will probably be great.

            Coincidentally, my grandma is like you, she likes the new hotel’s non-design better than anything that noted architect Michael Graves has ever built.

          • And please feel free to go back to seawing doilies for your Thomas Kincaid paintings and Precious Moments figures.

    • Negative much??
      Don’t stay there, or shield your eyes when you move past it……..crybaby.

      Looks cool to me, I’ll definitely hit that rooftop restaurant/bar.
      And the extra guests in the area will add more action/energy to the Boardwalk.

  • Not a fan of a non themed hotel at Disney. However, it might bring in those select few that aren’t Disney fans…

  • Dear god.. it looks like a hospital, where as the ambulance approaches the patient says: “you know what, never mind… take me back home”.

  • All I could think of when I saw the building is how sad it is that Michael Graves isn’t with us anymore.

  • I thought this was going on top of a tennis court. That court must of rivaled Wimbledon! Its fits the Swan & Dolphins theme of ugliness

  • It sort of has a classic Project Florida: EPCOT Mid-Century vibe to it, this is becoming the “luxury” look for hotels today. Themed motel style rooms spread out among gardens are not in vogue anymore.

  • Doesn’t look too interesting but I really like how the restaurant sounds. At least it isn’t another Florida/Mediterranean style hotel

  • Wish it would’ve been a themed hotel.. to echo another comment above, Disney is so experienced at creating themed hotels, I don’t usually care for the “modern” themed hotels on property.. kind of already have that with the Contemporary (I stress “kind of”).

  • Are they going to just close the theme parks and put in more hotels. Not much for the people staying here to do, except stand in increasing long lines. The new attractions they’re building aren’t nearly enough, and they cut more than they add, every month.

    • Typical. Disney public relations complaining about fans bothered that more land taking over by boring money making ventures akin to a Marriott instead of attractions or experiences, which is what brings people to WDW to begin with.

  • How dare Disney build something new that is completely optional to stay at? Walt must be rollin’ in his grave!!

    • Ha! Exactly. Totally agree. I’m not going to say i feel too strongly about these hotels either way but my initial visceral reaction to both was a total ‘yawn’. You would think they would want the initial reaction to be ‘OMG, i can’t WAIT to stay here!!’. Like the Star Wars hotel. I am so there…

  • This hotel design is bland, disappointing, and ugly for a WDW Resort. That said, I’m sure they will sell out every weekend, holiday and peak vacation time.

  • It’s a fine building but not for wdw. Travelers go to wdw to see things they can not do it see at home. This looks like any number of hundreds of buildings spread across North Atlanta. Looks like a typical office park structure.

    And though Springs does offer some great things, to me it has been underwhelming as a huge amount of it looks like any other South Florida shopping area and many of the stores are ones I can get to within about 20 mins of my house in Georgia.

    I know the company as a whole is doing well financially, but, even though it is uncool to say, I long for the Eisner days. We need more Walt less Roy. More Eisner less Iger… At least in the parks division.

    • I have to agree, Eisner oversaw some great hotels and was instrumental in bringing us new theme parks and water parks. He saw that the property was great.y under developed and should be credited for many of the great things we enjoy today. I’m not keen on some of the bland hotel designs. The theming of this new square hotel, the Coronado Springs tower, and the new Riviera DVC are not very impressive or unique.

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