Cast Member Tips: How To Have A Smooth Check-In

After a long flight and bus ride (a magical bus ride, though a bus ride nonetheless), the last
thing you want to do is have a lengthy check in full of problems. Most problems can be avoided ahead of time. As a former front desk cast member, here are some tips on how to have an easy check in:

  • 1. Online check in
    • Being able to check in online is a great tool. You can check in to your resort up to 60
      days prior to your arrival date. If everything is completed properly, you should
      receive a text message or email welcoming you and providing you with your resort room
      number. There is a map attached to those messages to help you find your way
      around. Most resorts don’t have welcome packets (or even parking passes) any more
      since all information can be found on My Disney Experience, so you’re not missing out
      on anything by skipping the front desk.
  • 2. Don’t over complicate the process
    • One of the biggest mistakes that I would see while working at the front desk was a guest
      setting up multiple PINs for charging. The PIN is simply just a security feature if your
      Magicband ever gets lost. The PIN does not differentiate the card that the charge is
      going to. Most of the time, if a guest needs to reset a PIN the cast member resets the
      entire room, not just the one band, which is another reason why it’s easier just to have
      one PIN.
  • 3. Don’t be upset if your room isn’t ready when you arrive
    • There are so many things you can do while waiting for room to be ready; why waste
      time being upset? You’re in the most magical place on Earth. Leave your luggage with
      bell services and start enjoying your vacation!
  • 4. Put in room requests ahead of time
    • Rooms get blocked about five days in advance so make sure to get your room requests
      in around that time! By the time you’re at the desk there may be less wiggle room to be
      moved to a specific area or floor.
  • 5. Don’t sweat the small stuff
    • If for whatever reason, your check in experience isn’t what you wanted it to be, that’s
      okay! Disney will make up for it another magical way. In the grand scheme of things,
      being able to check into a Disney resort is very special, don’t take that for granted. You
      will still have an amazing vacation.
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