REVIEW: Black Panther Fan Event at The El Capitan Theatre

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I had the opportunity last night to attend the Black Panther Fan Event at the famous El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood!

The streets were lined with anxious fans wearing their best Wakanda garb well before the doors opened. Once we were all let in to the theater, the immersive experience began. Included with my VIP ticket was this popcorn bucket:

I was escorted to my seat to the sounds of DJ Mos, who replaces the tenured organist for this event. He will be sharing the spotlight with DJ KISS throughout opening weekend. It was an instant dance party I couldn’t resist joining in on.

In true El Capitan fashion, the venue was decked out so there was no mistaking what you were there for. Digital glyphs rained down over the stage where the head of a panther looked out in to the crowd. After a quick raffle of Black Panther gear, DJ Mos hopped on the stage to welcome special guests, Ludwig Göransson (composer) and Winston Duke (actor). This was an incredible surprise and it was wonderful hearing the words of such integral participants of the Marvel film.

Before joining us in the audience, they informed us that the El Capitan shows exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ footage after the movie, along with having costumes on display below the theater.

Left to right: Romanda, T’Challa, Killmonger
Shuri, Zuri, and Okoye
Left to right: Shuri, Zuri, Nakia
Left to right: M’Baku, Okoye, Wakabi

Being able to get close to physical pieces from a movie is one of my favorite parts of attending a show at the El Capitan. After viewing the detailed outfits on the lower level, guests were all given a limited edition poster upon departure.

The El Capitan continues to be my go-to theater to view all Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar movies. Their appreciation for the films, attention to detail, preservation of history, and their exclusive extras make it a no-brainer when it comes to purchasing a movie ticket. If you’re able to, always keep an eye out for their fan events—I have yet to be disappointed!

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