Disney Toys Return To McDonald’s Happy Meals Starting With Incredibles 2

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McDonalds and Walt Disney Company announced Tuesday new promotion partnership since completing previous partnership in 2006, after new initiative by McDonald’s to “slim down” fast food menu for children. Their last exclusive decade long cross promo deal was reportedly worth one billion dollars to Disney, according to LA Times. McDonald’s paid one million dollar in royalties and conducted eleven promotions per year for Disney films, TV shows, and restaurants that were opened inside Disney theme parks.

The brand new multi-year, non exclusive agreement will begin this year in June, with promotions including Disney film theming around Incredibles 2. This will be followed in the fall by Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2.

Reps from both parties decline to disclose the length of the new partnership. McDonald’s spokeswoman says, “The new pact does not include any agreement on restaurants in parks, but we will continue to explore ways to continue to bring this alliance to life.” Does this mean we could possibly see future restaurants make their way back into the parks?

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I think the fat kid from Up should had made this announcement. He looks like a kid that only eats it