PHOTO: Guests Riding AVATAR Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom Now Given Warning Cards

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Guests riding the popular AVATAR Flight of Passage attraction in Pandora: The World of AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are now being handed warning cards before they ride the attraction.

For the last few months, cast members loading guests into the link chambers have had to verbally deliver this information to every guest. Apparently many guests were not aware of what exactly they were riding and ended up scared or disoriented by the attraction, leading them to complain about their experience (related to either motion sickness or a fear of heights). Sadly, this ruins the theme of the experience for everyone, but should stop such complaints.

Much like at Mission Space, the cards must be returned to a cast member before loading.

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  • Word is they’re going to be shortening the Avatar ride, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the ‘dilute’ the attraction to not only decrease scares, but to make it faster and less expensive to run.

  • “Sadly, this ruins the theme of the experience for everyone“

    Every ride has warnings and signs that don’t fit into the theming. Most of us can still enjoy the ride.

    • There has been a remarkable number of people creating their own restrooms inside the queue.

  • It’s hard to fathom how many complaints they received that they had to implement this. If you can handle any other moderately turbulent simulator ride, (thinking Simpsons, Star Tours, even Soarin’) then you should be okay. You know you’re looking at a screen, right? So if it got too intense for you, couldn’t you just close your eyes? Or are people saying, “I just waited 2 and a half hours for this, so I refuse to shut my eyes, I’ll just complain about it later.” I’m not sure how the Animal Kingdom guide map describes the ride, but I’m sure they don’t make it sound like it’s a gentle, calm ride.

  • The thing is that it’s exactly the same warning on each and every ride…the same warning was written on the sign in front of Alien Encounter which was a ride that DIDN’T MOVE!!!!! I have motion sickness, my husband has a broken spine and because Disney’s so scared of guests you actually never get a good idea of what you’re about to ride. FOP was completely fine for my husband’s back, it’s not a jerky ride. As for motion sickness, since it’s a simulator, you can just close your eyes and you’re fine. On the other hand, the blast of air in the face is a common asthma trigger and that’s something that SHOULD be mentioned on this specific ride instead of just using a generic warning.

  • Hi all,

    I’m a bit curious as we’ll be riding this on our next trip. How is the seating?(i.e. is it like Soarin, Star Tours, Mission Space). I ask because my mom has some brain damage and a shunt in her head. Wondering if she should avoid this as she already avoids Big Thunder(her FAVORITE). She is fine with Soarin and is not a Star Tours fan. Any suggestions would be great :)

    • The ride is a simulation of riding on a large flying creature, so the contraption that you are riding on to simulate that is similar to sitting on a motorcycle, and you lean forward to reach the handles. The seats are individual, not attached to each other, but lined up in a row of 8. There is a backrest that comes up behind you after you get on, that vibrates a few times to simulate a link to the creature, and that feels a little funny. The ride itself is a very smooth flying simulation, with some dips and such, but it’s not too bad if you don’t have a bad fear of heights. I felt more secure on this contraption than I do on Soarin’. If she can do Soarin’, she can probably do this. There is a little more motion than Soarin’, but it’s not jerky like star tours.

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