Disney Unions Filing Federal Complaint To Fight For $1,000 Cast Member Bonus

An alliance of Walt Disney World Resort unions filed a federal complaint on Monday for unfair labor practices, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The unions accused the company of withholding employees’ $1,000 bonuses, announced last month, during the most recent contract negotiations.

Disney promised to give out the bonuses to their employees after the newest federal tax cut reduced the corporate tax rate, similar to other companies.

The Service Trades Council stated Monday that Disney refuses to give the bonuses out until a new employee agreement is reached. The council also said that if the agreement isn’t reached by August 31st, “the bonus offer will expire,” according to the STC press release.

The two sides met on Monday for the first time since December, when the union rejected Disney’s offer of a $.50 or 3% increase in hourly wages. Both sides are struggling to reach an agreement since talks started in the summer of 2017.

Employees of the company argue that they deserve higher pay, calling out the success of the global company that generated 5.2 billion in revenue for the quarter that finished in December.

Ed Chambers, the trade council’s president stated, “A thousand dollars is a lot of money to people who make $10 or $15 an hour.” While Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger said in a statement, “Wages and bonuses are part of our negotiation process. We will continue to meet with the union to move toward a ratified agreement.”

The STC represents over 35,000 Walt Disney World Resort employees. Further information will be released as the negotiations between the two sides continue.

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  1. It’s a terrible company to work for. But not much else here in Orlando. If you can guess why the cast members don’t give 2 cents about customers, nor their managers if you’re having a good time, they’re learned this from their leaders way up the chain. Nobody hates Disney World nor their customers (we don’t call them guests anymore) more than Disney themselves.

  2. Disney is one of the biggest bully companies in the world and they know it and they don’t give a rat’s butt. it’s not Disney anymore only in name and the letter S in the name is actually a dollar sign.

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