Full List of 2018 Ticket Price Increases for Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts

It’s February and seasoned Disney Parks fans know what that means – it’s time for annual ticket prices to go up.

At Disneyland, ticket prices are increasing by nearly 18%, as well as prices for Signature and Deluxe passes which are increasing by 17%. The renewal for a SoCal pass is also increasing, but is discontinued to new customers. SoCal Select, which is Disneyland’s lowest priced and most restricted pass, is increasing by 9%, while their unrestricted Signature pass is going up by 10%.

The official word from Disneyland is, “We know how important making memories at Disney theme parks is to families and we will continue to evolve our pricing in way that gives families a range of options to meet their budget and helps better spread attendance throughout the year so they can make the most of every visit.”

Disneyland isn’t the only one affected by the increase in ticket prices; the Walt Disney World Resort is subject to it, too. Annual pass prices are going up anywhere between five and nine percent, while the One-Day ticket prices range anywhere from two to four percent. Other price increases include theme park parking, theme park lockers and the newer service, Minnie Vans.

As noted earlier this year by Walt Disney World Resort, the current date-based pricing applied to one-day tickets will be extended to multi-day tickets later this year, in an effort to spread attendance throughout the year at each of their four parks.

Broken down for you below, here are the price changes for each resort:

Disneyland Tickets and Passes:

Ticket/Pass Was Now Increase $ Increase %
1-Day Value $97 $97 $- 0.0%
1-Day Regular $110 $117 $7 6.4%
1-Day Peak $124 $135 $11 8.9%
1-Day Value Hopper $157 $147 $(10) -6.4%
1-Day Regular Hopper $165 $167 $2 1.2%
1-Day Peak Hopper $174 $185 $11 6.3%
2-Day Ticket $199 $210 $11 5.5%
2-Day Park Hopper $244 $260 $16 6.6%
3-Day Ticket $270 $280 $10 3.7%
3-Day Park Hopper $315 $330 $15 4.8%
4-Day Ticket $290 $305 $15 5.2%
4-Day Park Hopper $335 $355 $20 6.0%
5-Day Ticket $305 $320 $15 4.9%
5-Day Park Hopper $350 $370 $20 5.7%
SoCal Select AP $339 $369 $30 8.8%
Deluxe AP $619 $729 $110 17.8%
Signature AP $849 $999 $150 17.7%
Signature Plus AP $1,049 $1,149 $100 9.5%
DL/WDW Premier Pass $1,439 $1,579 $140 9.7%
SoCal (Renewal Only) $469 $549 $80 17.1%


Walt Disney World Tickets and Passes:

Ticket/Pass Was Now Increase $ Increase %
1-Day MK Value $107 $109 $2 1.9%
1-Day MK Regular $115 $119 $4 3.5%
1-Day MK Peak $119 $129 $10 8.4%
1-Day EP/HS/AK Value $99 $102 $3 3.0%
1-Day EP/HS/AK Regular $107 $114 $7 6.5%
1-Day EP/HS/AK Peak $119 $122 $3 2.5%
2-Day Ticket $199 $209 $10 5.0%
2-Day Park Hopper $259 $274 $15 5.8%
3-Day Ticket $289 $305 $16 5.5%
3-Day Park Hopper $349 $370 $21 6.0%
4-Day Ticket $350 $380 $30 8.6%
4-Day Park Hopper $425 $455 $30 7.1%
5-Day Ticket $370 $395 $25 6.8%
5-Day Park Hopper $445 $470 $25 5.6%
6-Day Ticket $390 $405 $15 3.8%
6-Day Park Hopper $465 $480 $15 3.2%
7-Day Ticket $410 $415 $5 1.2%
7-Day Park Hopper $485 $490 $5 1.0%
8-Day Ticket $420 $425 $5 1.2%
8-Day Park Hopper $495 $500 $5 1.0%
9-Day Ticket $430 $435 $5 1.2%
9-Day Park Hopper $505 $510 $5 1.0%
10-Day Ticket $440 $445 $5 1.1%
10-Day Park Hopper $515 $520 $5 1.0%
Silver AP (FL Only) $419 $439 $20 4.8%
Gold AP (FL/DVC Only) $559 $589 $30 5.4%
Platinum AP (FL/DVC) $679 $729 $50 7.4%
Platinum Plus AP (FL/DVC) $769 $829 $60 7.8%
Platinum AP $779 $849 $70 9.0%
Platinum Plus AP $869 $949 $80 9.2%
DL/WDW Premier Pass $1,439 $1,579 $140 9.7%
Water Parks AP $125 $130 $5 4.0%
Water Parks After 2 (FL Only) $75 $79 $4 5.3%
FL Weekday Select (FL Only) $269 $289 $20 7.4%
Epcot After 4 (FL Only) $219 $239 $20 9.1%

These are effective as of today, February 11th, 2018.

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  1. Honestly it would have been nice if they notified passholders with passes due to expire in advance. Our 5 passes expire in 3 weeks and I was planning on renewing in person during our next visit, however I would have renewed online before the change if I had known. I contacted Guest Services and the rep told me there was no way for them to notify passholders in advance…

  2. I have a question, since some terminology doesn’t seem to be used any more. The Park Hopper PLUS option – does this still exist? Or is it all just Park Hopper now? In my past touring notes I had info for further (higher) pricing with the Plus option, depending on # of days used, that included going to the water parks, the mini golf courses (before 4 pm), Oak Trail Golf Course (greens fees for 1 round), and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex (valid only on event days, knowing that some events are an add’l charge). Is Park Hopper all inclusive of that now? Thanks for the info.

  3. Price increase doesn’t bother me. The loss of quality in value of WDW does. They have really cut back in too many areas for our family. Not enough new. Huge lines, and really just about sales only now. Really they seem to try to make it a bad experience now for ‘guests’.

    1. Brittany, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We don’t want a bad experience for guests, we just want a good experience for our shareholders.

      Have a Magical Day!

    2. As long as there’s enough idiots to stand in increasingly long lines to pay high prices when Disney can keep cutting safety and quality of their parks and attractions themselves, they have nothing to worry about. Guest satisfaction does not matter.

      1. So true. The parks are defianately not about safety or a good time. The shareholders should be happy, but check it out, Comcast/Universal is cleaning Disney’s clock, why? They offer better service and value. Disney used to put quality high, now, they can’t make it cheap enough, and charge more for it. Truth is, a lot of sheep will stand in line for theme parks, no matter how terrible they get.

        1. I strongly disagree with “cleaning Disney’s clock”. Their attendance is still nowhere close, their attractions are all eerily similar, and their water park has been a disaster. I understand the outrage over ticket prices, but to bring in this erroneous example makes no sense. Besides, Universal’s ticket prices are nearly identical and I’m not sure most would agree they should be.

    3. I agree. I was at Hollywood Studios and found that almost half of the park’s attractions had been taken away and demolished! Can you believe that? Nothing has been put in their place yet. All Disney did was just throw up some fences with pictures on them. Yeah, we travelled all that way so the kids could look a pictures on a fence :(
      When I went to Guest Services to speak with them, they asked if our experience was bad, terrible, or absolutely horrible. We said it had been terrible. I can’t tell you how surprised we were when they were disappointed that our time at Disney had only been terrible. They had been going for an all out horrible experience (confirming what you had stated). The cast member even asked for any advice we could give to make it an even worse experience for families. I told them to just hike up the prices for next year and that should do it.

      1. Guest Relations knows how crappy WDW is as more than anyone, but they’re paid to lie and smile at you, and pretend like you’re the first one with said problems. The crowds are so high though, raising the price is the only defense. I echo statement above, until fewer idiots pay to stand in enormous lines after lines to come to WDW for such a shoddy and cut back product, they have no option but increase price, in hopes it makes it a better experience for the fewer who remain.

          1. Disney is doing their best to provide a terrible experience for guests. We all can tell their plan is if they do a bad enough job then people will stop coming. This will finally lessen the crowd size and they won’t have to keep raising prices.

          2. Sticking with that logic Tom to be a more accurate analogy. What if the baseball team closes half the stadium, makes everyone stand in one long line to enter and cuts the game to 3 innings? They’ve created more demand by cutting the product itself. In the end. That franchise will not win. Disney will not continue to succeed in their parks when the main and only focus of the company is their media/movies and cutting budgets. Disney park managers are heavily bonuses for ‘cutting the product’ to the minimum, sending staff home, cutting food quality and costs.

  4. As long as people a willing to pay, they will continue to raise prices. I don’t like paying higher prices, but I can’t say that I blame them. This is exactly how supply and demand works. Until they get some real competition, it’s their game to win.

  5. Can you please do something about the trolls that post the same thing under different names? It’s obvious and so stupid.

  6. At what point will the people say enough is enough disney just aint worth it anymore, when I hit Orlando I only go (if I do at all) to one disney park and that’s it. Besides I find more to do at Universal’s both parks. The only down side of going to Orlando every year after year religiously is nothing hardly ever changes. Disney main street looked the same the last 5 even 10 years ago as it does now only with a fresh coat of paint but it is essentially the same old same old…. but it costs more to see it every year and most silly muggles pay and pay and justify it year after year like there no other place on the planet they can go to.

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