PHOTO: First Disney Skyliner Pylon Nearing Completion at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

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The first Disney Skyliner pylon installed (which we showed you first a few days ago) is nearing completion:

The above photo was taken today by @boatingBonnieC on twitter. As you can see, the rollers on which the gondola lines will eventually sit have been installed, as well as the maintenance catwalks alongside them.

You can learn more about the Disney Skyliner system here, and be sure to check out the new concept art for the Epcot, Pop Century/Art of Animation, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios stations.

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  • Am I the only one who thinks this project is going to end in disaster? Someone is going to do something stupid and die, or it will break down and people will cook in the Florida sun. Just saying, I see problems brewing.

    • Well a lack of knowledge of information about something doesn’t usually mean you have any intuition on it or what the future holds. But feel free to speculate wildly.

      • I’d like to think of it as somewhat informed speculation. I have been following all of the permitting, and progress since the project became public, and I was there last week at three of the stations looking at the construction. I have first-hand knowledge of the path it’s taking in the real world…not promotional posters and flyers. I deal with public safety everyday in my real life, and what I saw in person made me a little nervous. The system traverses large bodies of water, major highways, and remote/ hard to access areas. It boils down to a rescue department’s nightmare if something does go wrong. I know Disney is the best at maintenance and ride safety, but the human factor also comes into play. I’m not downplaying the Skyliner’s importance to Disney and it’s guests, nor am I being a Negative Nelly. In fact, I’ll be the first in line to jump on it if given the opportunity. I’m just concerned about the human factor if/ when something does go wrong.

        • Somehow I think that if they can do it across a 1.88 mile span at 1400 feet in the air, in the winter in Canada, and not have people freeze to death, they I think they can pull it off at Disney at 150 ft in the air.

          What you may not realize is that it’s basically impossible for this thing to get stuck and people stranded in mid-air. The gondolas are on a wire and if the motor breaks down there is a backup to run the system to get the cars to a station. Honestly it’s a lot safer than the monorail.

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