PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland and California Adventure 2/17/18 (PIXAR Pier, New Toy Story Facade, Rose Gold Churro, Galaxy’s Edge, ETC.)

Let’s take a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth in our latest photo report…


Downtown Disney map

In Downtown Disney, you are greeted with a map with now-closed stores and shops on it.

Choir sign up 21718

Disney welcomes choirs from all around Southern California to ‘Celebrate Gospel’ in honor of Black History month.

Disney California Adventure 

DCA Sign

Elias and Co sign dca

The new Mary Poppins dress and purse were recently released at Elias & Co.

Elias and Co merch

Elias and Co merch 5

Elias and Co merch 6

There’s also a matching fascinator for $9.99 and the bag is $70.


To complete your Mary Poppins inspired dapper outfit, you’ll definitely will need to pick up this cutie!

Elias and Co merch 8


Elias and Co merch 10

A new Thumper bag from Disney Boutique for $60.00.

New arrivals in DCA Merch

2018 graduation items have arrived.

New arrivals in DCA Merch 2

New arrivals in DCA Merch 3

New arrivals in DCA Merch 4

These Mickey ear’s are $24.99.


Choir sign DCA 21718

In honor of Black History month, 17 choirs have been selected to perform on the Performing Arts Stage in Hollywood Land.

Hollywood sign DCA

Schmoozies sign

Let’s go to “Hmoozies”!

Wrinkle in time preview sign

Guests can now get a preview of Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time at the Sunset Showcase Theatre.

Wrinkle in time preview sign 2

Performing Arts stage DCA

Performing arts stage

Black panther meet and greet sign 1

The Black Panther meet and greet is located in Stage 17.

Black panther meet and greet sign 2



Awards Wieners sign DCA

Besides the standard Award Wiener’s menu, there are limited time additions added to the menu.

Awards Wieners DCA limited items

We love the funnel cake fries, read about them here.

It’s Tough To Be A Bug… Literally!

Bugs land sign DCA

Bug’s Land in Disney California Adventure has been in rough shape for weeks, even months. Rumors have it that most of A Bug’s Land will become the new Marvel area.

Bugs land background

Tarps have been placed over the heavily damaged mural. Hopefully they are fixing it.

Bugs land background 3

Bugs land background 2

bugs land 21718

Besides the mural, there is a lot of faded paint and such throughout the entire land.

Pixar on the Pier

Paradise pier constru 21718

A lot of changes are approaching at full speed for the Disneyland Resort. With the opening date of Pixar Pier being June 23rd, that leaves less than 4 months left for Paradise Pier to make the conversion. That being said, not everything will be done on June 23rd, just the first phase.

Paradise pier constru 21718 2

The spires of Treasures in Paradise are gone, as they are from Ariel’s Grottos. The entire facade of the Grotto is gone as well, leaving a plain white facade over the once colorful entrance.

Paradise pier construc 21718 5

Scaffolding continues to rise on the former California Screamin’.

Paradise pier construc 21718 4

Paradise Pier consctru 21718 6

Paradise pier construc 21718 3

At the top of this tower at Toy Story Mania, we get our first glimpse at the building’s new color scheme.

Toy Story Mania Line DCA 21718

The line for Midway Mania has backed up to here since most of the exterior queue is closed. Funny how this has happened on both coasts simultaneously as new lands rise around both attractions.

Toy Story Mania Line DCA 21718 2

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Starwarsland Constr 21718

Disney’s long awaited expansion, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is taking shape! This week, pieces of the Millennium Falcon are being installed.

Starwarsland Constr 21718 3

Starwarsland Constr 21718 2

DL Starwars constr 21918

starwars construct from big thunder disneyland 3

From the top of the second hill of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, you can get a pretty clear view of the new land.

Starwars construct 2


Crowds outside disneyland 21718

Surprisingly, crowd levels have been somewhat low as of late.


walt disney quote disneyland bridge 1


Rose gold churro sign

Yes, Disney is now selling a Rose Gold Churro…

Rose Gold churro in front of castle 2

If your looking for a unique tasting churro with a hint of strawberries, this is the one for you!


It’s a Circus Back There

Casey Jr construct 21718 5

Unfortunately Casey Jr. Circus Train is currently down for refurbishment, but will be returning to the rails on March 1st.

Casey Jr construct 21718 2

The original concept art for the attraction on the scrims is a nice touch.

Dumbo posters refurb walls 21718 4

Since construction walls are gloomy, posters for the Dumbo: The Flying Elephant attraction from around the world have been placed for your enjoyment! Here we see Tokyo Disneyland.

Dumbo posters refurb walls 21718 3

Storybook Circus at the Magic Kingdom.

Dumbo posters refurb walls 21718 2

The original at Disneyland.

Dumbo posters refurb walls 21718

Hong Kong Disneyland as well.

Storybook canal construct

Storybook Land Canal Boats have recently gone under refurbishment as well.


Maintenance Mountain 

Splash mt referb 21718 2

Splash Mountain has been closed for a while now for its annual refurb.

Splash mt referb 21718 3

Splash mt referb 21718 4

Around the construction walls, posters of facts about the ride have been placed.

Splash mt referb 21718

Splash mt construction

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