PHOTO REPORT: Downtown Disney 2/22/18 (World of Disney, Splitsville, New Disney Home Store, ETC.)

Even Downtown Disney is not immune to the construction war zone that is Disneyland Resort currently, as you’ll see in our latest photo report:


PHOTO REPORT: Downtown Disney 2/17/18 (Trams, Naples Expansion, Home Store, ETC.)

photo report downtown disney 2 17 18 trams naples expansion home store etc 2

The tram loading area is still under construction.

DL Tram constr 21918 4

For the first time in forever on a weekend, the tram loading zone did not seem crowded. Could everyone have gotten the memo about all of the construction?

DL Tram constr 21918 3

DL Tram construct 21918 2

DL Tram constr 21918 5

The middle planter is free at last from weeks of being behind construction walls.

DL Tram constr 21918 7

DL Tram sign construct 21918

Arriving on the tram, we see the continuing expansion of Naples.

World of Disney

The World of Disney store’s in both Disney Springs in Orlando and Downtown Disney in Anaheim are both partaking in major refurbishments for the next several months. More than half the store appears to be closed due to construction.


DL WOD Constr 21918

As you enter the middle doors of the store, you see this big white wall hiding all construction that is on the other side.

DL WOD Constr 21918 2

DL WOD Constr 21918 3

This half of the store is open for business.

DL WOD Constr 21918 5

Disney was in such a hurry to build this wall that they built it over the center of some outlets.

DL WOD Constr 21918 6

DL WOD Sign closed

The doors closest to the hotels are sealed off.

DL WOD Constr 21918 7

Splitsville’s Second Floor

Splitsville recently opened their second floor to the public since their “soft opening.” Let’s take a look upstairs!

splitsville sign

Splitsville Stairs to 2nd floor

The stairs and an escalator to the second floor can be found behind the dining tables on the first floor.

fullsizeoutput 19f9

After speaking with a cast member, less than half of the second floor is open to the public as of now due to Splitsville technically not being 100% open.

Splitsville 2nd floor 21918

Splitsville Upstairs Bar

The second floor has its own bar.

Splitsville Upstairs View

The second floor also has a spectacular view of Downtown Disney.

Splitsville Wall

Both floors have bowling alleys for your enjoyment!

DL Splitsville constr 21918

As you enter Downtown Disney on the trams, you can see the backside of Splitsville still under construction.

DL Splitsville Constr 21918 2

DL Splitsville Constr 21918 3

Disney’s New Home Store

Downtown Disney has recently opened their first home store! Previously D-Street, this new Disney Home store has everything from kitchen towels, to themed plates, to treasures for your little furry friends!

Downtown Disney Home store sign

Downtown Disney Merch

Downtown Disney Merch 4

Downtown Disney Merch 3

Downtown Disney Merch 5

Downtown Disney Merch 9

Downtown Disney Merch 11

Downtown Disney Merch 14

Downtown Disney Merch 22

Downtown Disney Merch 23

Naples Construction

Naples, located in Downtown Disney, has been undergoing construction for quite some time. The walls have been covered in concept art of how the patio is going to look after the expansion is complete.

Downtown Con 4

naples construct 21918


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