BREAKING: Wonders of Life Pavilion at Epcot No Longer Festival Center, New Attractions Coming?

With the recent roof refurbishment of the pavilion, we assumed that the former Wonders of Life was getting ready for another run as the Festival Center for the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival beginning next week. Apparently something bigger is planned for this space as Disney announced today that it will no longer be the Festival Center for the event as it has for over 10 years now.

Photo from @BacksideofMagic on twitter
Photo from @BacksideofMagic on twitter

Early this morning, a number of executives from the park and Walt Disney Imagineering were spotted walking into the pavilion in a large group. This coupled with the roof refurbishment and the exit of the Festival Center from the venue leads us to believe that a new attraction (or attractions) is being envisioned for the space as part of the ongoing overhaul of Epcot. What they might be (if happening), we are uncertain just yet.

The Wonders of Life pavilion closed in 2007. The Body Wars attraction was reportedly decimated during testing of the new Star Tours: The Adventures Continue and Cranium Command has been left pretty much untouched since the closure.

Stay tuned for future updates on this breaking story.

47 thoughts on “BREAKING: Wonders of Life Pavilion at Epcot No Longer Festival Center, New Attractions Coming?”

  1. No new attractions. LOL This is Disney. New merchandise sales points are coming, there’s talk of moving the pin trading sales out of the courtyard area by the fountain to this location and selling other merchandise at the pin location.

    • Yeah Disney certainly hasn’t made or announced any new rides in years. You’ve really got your finger on the pulse my friend. Very astute observation, inspector.

  2. Dear Tom, this will very likely house the Space themed restaurant that was announced at D23 Expo. The restaurant was announced to be adjacent to Mission Space. Please feel free to post about this. I don’t mind if you do not credit me but it would be appreciated.

    • This is most likely not the space restaurant as it is too large. That is expected to go on the other side where there is a size-able plot that can be connected to Mission Space.

      • Love your conscientious coverage of the parks and resorts, Tom – you do great work! But respectfully, depending on how they generate the wraparound imaging, and knowing that some healthy distance away from any actual window frames will enhance the illusion of floating in space – “under the dome” is not too large at all. Plus, Disney has a history of occasionally using less space in a remodel (like the second and third incarnations of Journey into Imagination). Of course, aside from the single concept painting that’s been released, there’s no way to know how much seating there will be. The space occupied by old simulators could serve as food storage and kitchens, though if we’re talking about a 180 or 220 view (they almost certainly will not do a 360, for all kinds of reasons), then a good chunk of the open space under the dome could be used for the kitchen.

        My hope, however, shared by many, no doubt, is that Disney will use their INSIDE OUT characters HERE (rather than Imagination) to revive the original theme and once again we’ll have a pavilion themed to life and health. One can hope.

        • Agreed. Plus, if Cranium Command was left untouched since the abandonment of the building, it just feels like that attraction is a 100% guarantee to be refurbished into Inside Out. The similarities are obvious.

      • I can see an Ant-Man attraction going here, however, with Rataouille being added to france, i cant see Disney having two shrinking type attractions in the same park

  3. Do you think they will now be using the millennium village as the festival center? That space would make much more sense as it sits between Canada and the UK.

  4. I would honestly think its going to become a massive shop, mousegear type.. giving them a big space to work with, while they prep the current location for its change to whatever it becomes.

  5. One thing is for sure based on last 10 years history. It will be revenue generating, or promote another Disney business line, or hopefully both. It WILL NOT be something meant to make Epcot “Fun”, or “an ‘experience’ in the best interest of the paying guest”. I vote it will be store space. Sadly.

    • You mean like Pandora or Galaxy’s Edge or the many, many other new fun things that have already been delivered, or are currently under construction?

      • Yes. Those are First attractions in 20 years aside from downgrades of rides to put in overlays on same old tracks. Meanwhile, a new store or sales kiosk every month. Less capacity at entrances and on rides. Very little coming except more stores and hotel rooms. Attractions and fun aren’t what Disney World does. They sell things. They have closed more attractions than will open. This doesn’t even take into account the huge decrease in their quality of service or offerings.

      • WAY fewer rides coming than they have taken away Jeff. Some of the attractions you mention are the first in 20 years. And the stores come every month. Cut in service and quality every day. Let’s be real. This space is unlikely to be a non profit center to add to ‘the fun’ based on any WDW history in the last decade.

    • I agree. Only $$ matters. They don’t put in attractions without taking several out. Less is more to WDW, unless it’s money.

      • You do realize that WDW is a completely optional experience, right? You should probably consider taking your business elsewhere.

      • For those griping about not replacing rides .. lets quick think for a minute.
        Pandora: 2x rides plus land. (not super new but well recent enough)
        Star Wars land: 2x rides plus land.
        Toy story land: 2x rides plus land.
        Epcot: 2x new rides.
        MK: 1x new ride plus refurb racetrack.

        Thats a total of about 9 new rides, and 3 new lands. I’d say they are moving along okay. Just because they closed the ride you rode with your siblings when you were six, is gone, does not make it a bad park.

        And as always: More beer at disney! Cheers :)

  6. Wow, that’s actually super interesting. I’m definitely looking forward to what they may have planned for the building.

  7. I love how some of you people are so rough on Tom even when you have NO actual facts or even hearsay to back up your theories. “I think this and that are going to go there because I that just makes more sense to ME… blah blah blah.” Keep up the good work Tom!

  8. “Disney announced today that it will no longer be the Festival Center for the event”

    Where was this announced? To staff? To the vendors that usually set up shop in there?

    • After renewing my world pass yesterday, I set off to my favorite attraction at the flower show, the Festival Center…It was closed… no replacement! I have been a passholder since 2007 so for me the Festival Center was the hub of the experience. First, the video of that years attractions helped me draw my map of must see displays. After that, I would get the schedule and choose the days I would be attending based upon the speakers I wanted to hear.
      After voicing my complaint that day to several customer service representatives regarding this year’s oversight, I realize I am not the only pass-holder who is vexed. Disney’s lack of forethought for seniors and handicapped customers is concerning – especially those who are dependent upon the convenience of the Center, (ie: food, gifts, local gardening information, controlled climate and restrooms in one convenient and sheltered location).

  9. I was Thinking about them turning the whole building into a Marvel Pavilion with the iron man experience replacing body wars, some meet and greets for all the avengers, the dome disguised as avengers headquarters, and more marvel stuff.

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