REVIEW: Golden Oak Outpost at the Magic Kingdom Adds Pork Cracklings & Chili Queso Waffle Fries

Over the weekend, the Golden Oak Outpost in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom began serving up a new menu.

The kiosk, located somewhat on the border between Frontierland and Adventureland, is located just outside of Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn and Cafe on the westernmost edge of the park.

The chicken breast nuggets and waffle fries remain, now joined by Barbecue Chicarrons/Pork Cracklings/Pork Rinds and Chili Queso Fries.

Barbecue Chicarrons (Pork Cracklings) – $4.49

In case you are unaware of what this item is…

Pork rind is the culinary term for the skin of a pig. It can also be fried or roasted in pork fat (lard) as a snack. The frying renders much of the fat that is attached to the uncooked rind, causing the size of the cooked product to be reduced considerably. This product may be known by alternative names, such as chicharrón in Spanish, kaiings in South Africa, and pork scratchings or pork cracklings in the UK, although crackling may instead refer to the rind on a roasted pork joint.

This is a pretty small order for $4.49 considering these are just pork rinds and they taste no difference than they would from a bag you picked up at your local supermarket. I applaud the addition of food that matches the theme of a land and makes sense there, but it also has to make sense for a human being to order it. Even if you enjoy such things, there is no way you can justify $4.49 for a serving size that is one fourth of a bag that would cost roughly the same price at a store. I also think I’ve had better pork rinds out of said bag, so I’m not sure why on earth I would get these, other than for a review on a theme park fan site of course.

Chili Queso Fries – $5.49

Out of the lowest of expectations comes our one success on the Golden Oak Outpost menu. While we lament the loss of the “loaded” waffle fries that once resided here years ago, here comes a valid and acceptable replacement that exceeds any and all presumptions a guest would make about them. In short, they’re good.

The fries were crispy and flavorful, the chili was adequate, and the queso is beyond that of most similar establishments. I would dare say the queso makes me wish that every melted yellow cheese on property was replaced with this. Don’t worry if you don’t like chili, there is an option for you where you can still enjoy this wonderful cheese product.

Queso – $1.00

As stated above, the Queso is much better than expected, so if you are adverse to chili, adding this to a standard order of Waffle Fries is still dollar cheaper than ordering the above dish. This would make for a pretty enjoyable snack in my book, probably better (definitely cheaper) than the loaded tots in Fantasyland. On the Dining Plan, this will burn another snack credit so you may just want to spend the dollar on it after using a snack credit on the fries.

Dessert Pear Lemonade Slushy – $5.49

As with almost all of the slushy drinks at Walt Disney World, this is pretty much trash. Overly sweet to the point where it just tastes like you are drinking pure sugar. I’m sure the kids would be OK with this, but otherwise, I wouldn’t waste your time or money on this.



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