REVIEW: Splitsville Luxury Lanes Opens in Downtown Disney

Splitsville has just opened in the Downtown Disney district in Anaheim. Not only are they a luxury bowling alley, but they offer a variety of different food items that range from burgers to sushi and many more options! There’s a full bar that can be accessed inside and from the patio. It also includes 20 bowling lanes; 10 on the bottom floor and 10 on the top. Currently, only the downstairs is open and available for use.

When you walk up the the entrance, they have to-go menus for you to look at.

To go along with the to-go menus, they also have the full menu outside for you to browse.

There is an outside sitting area along with an outside bar that connects to the inside.

Adjacent from the bar is the first set of bowling lanes.

The screen was a little hard to see, but prices are fair for bowling. Monday through Friday, from open to 4PM, it’s $19 a bowler. From 4PM-close, it ups to $24 a bowler. On Saturday and Sunday, from open to close, it’s $24 a bowler.

For Splitsville being open for less than a month, it hasn’t been that crowded. After speaking to a manger who works there, the second floor is off limits due to construction.

To the front side view of the building, there is a wild black speaker in the corner.

From the view of the tram, you can see that the backside of Splitsville is not 100% done.

For Disney cranking out this building in less than a year, they certainly did a thorough job! If you get the chance to go check out Splitsville, I would highly recommend it.


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