This Menehune is found near a wall along a garden path at the Aulani

TRIP REPORT: Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa (Part 2 – All About Menehune)

Welcome back to my coverage of the Aulani, Disney’s resort nestled in Ko Olina on the island of Oahu, Hawaii! I would be remiss if I didn’t spend some time discussing Menehune, the little mythological creatures that originate from Hawaiian lore. The magic of the Menehune is alive and well at the Aulani.

Aunty talking about magic during the Menehune Adventure Trail at the Aulani

Aunty says the Menehune are real

Menehune Adventure Trail at Disney’s Aulani

Guests can learn more about these special beings through the Menehune Adventure Trail, an interactive, self-guided tour in two parts (the lobby and the vast garden/pool area). The tours are lead by Aunty, a proprietor of a local Hawaiian general store. The lobby tour focuses more on the qualities of the Menehune so I would recommend starting with that one.

In that tour, I learned that the Menehune are excellent craftsman, with the ability to build bridges and the like in the span of one night. The outside tour did mention that if the work was not completed by sunrise, the project would have to be abandoned, though.

The Menehune are also fun-loving pranksters and their love of mischief can easily be seen in the lobby tour.

A Menehune mugshot from the Menehune Adventure Trail at the Aulani

The tours are carried out by way of specially-programmed iPads that are available for rental, free of charge and exclusive to guests of the resort, at the Pau Hana community room, located on the first floor along the outside of the ‘Ewa Tower.

The Menehune Bridge water play area

Kids can also cool off at the Menehune Bridge, a water-play area, available to little ones, 48 inches tall and under. The structure is complete with two child-sized water slides and elements on the bridge that spray and splash those climbing as well as nearby with water.

The Menehune that gifts kukui nuts at the Aulani

Menehune found atop a dresser near the lobby at the Aulani

There are also Menehune statues scattered throughout the Aulani, some much easier to find than others. The two Menehune pictures shown above, for example, are nigh impossible to miss, located directly across from Kālepa’s Store, just off the lobby. The one in the first picture is even incorporated into the Menehune Adventure Trail.

Peep into a certain keyhole to see these Menehune at the Aulani

Menehune are more often found in less obvious places. This dancing Menehune diorama can be seen by looking through a certain keyhole.

The Menehune found sleeping under a payphone at the Aulani

Check every nook and cranny. This sleepy fellow was discovered under a payphone!

This Menehune is still in his Christmas outfit
Photo Credit: Rio McCarthy

A Menehune found inside the central-left elevator of the 'Ewa Tower at the Aulani

Menehune must really love elevators because we spotted two during our trip (I believe there is also a third, although I cannot confirm that). The one wearing the Santa cap clearly didn’t catch the message that December had passed. Mele Kalikimaka, little dude! And as for the Menehune doing his best Spiderman impression, he can be found in the central-left elevator in the ‘Ewa Tower.

A Menehune hanging out near Lava Shack at the Aulani

A good portion of the Menehune statues can be found outside in the Aulani’s lush grounds. The one hanging upside down near The Lava Shack must have a really bad head rush by now.

This Menehune is found near a wall along a garden path at the Aulani

A Menehune hiding behind a tree at the Aulani

These two were spotted near outdoor paths. I had to get at a bit of an angle to see the last one.

With all the little Menehune statues hidden throughout the resort, it is worth keeping your eyes peeled. Think of it as a different version of hunting for Hidden Mickeys! And while I am not certain of how many are hidden throughout the Aulani, you can definitely feel their magic in every corner.

I hope you enjoyed part two of my trip report. If you liked this post, and want to learn more about the beautiful Aulani Resort, you may be interested in reading my previous article on the Aulani as well. There is more on the way, so stay tuned!

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3 years ago

Natalie thanks for your trip report. odds are pretty good I will never visit aulani.

3 years ago

I love the resorts at WDW + DLR, but Aulani is my favorite Disney Resort.
I’ve enjoyed “hunting” Menehune on each of my 3 visits.