VIDEO, PHOTOS: We Have an Unreleased Peter Pan Disney Infinity Figure

Disney Infinity was canceled nearly two years ago and on occasion, we receive bits and pieces of information regarding canceled projects for the game and we now have a never released to public Peter Pan figure.

Again, thanks to Twitter user and YouTuber Infiniteer Adventures for sharing this discovery. A website called AliExpress, that allows users and companies to sell their items from their individual shops through the website, had the figure listed just a few weeks ago. We didn’t report it then, in fear that the listing may have been illegitimate, but we decided to take a chance on it and find out for ourselves.

The figure is indeed real and includes all the details we saw on previous concept art, as well as on the eBay copy that was sold last year. Unfortunately, the figure does not work in the actual game. We tried it on Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U, and found that on all three platforms we received the same messaging stating that the game needed an update in order for the figure to work.

Some have reported minor cosmetic defects or scratches on their figures, but ours seems to be in pretty good condition.

One notable aesthetic difference in this figure from other Disney Infinity figures is that the Peter Pan figure has the RFID sticker visible from the bottom. Every Disney Infinity figure, with the exception of the Finding Dory figures, has a black cover to keep the RFID sticker hidden. It is important to note that the Finding Dory figures were released a month after the game was discontinued. An odd, but perhaps noteworthy, element.

It seems like the figure was all but ready for release, according to previous Avalanche Software animator Thomas Estrada, who took to Twitter to discuss with users the legitimacy of these figures.

When we found the listing a few weeks ago, there were a couple hundred available, which Estrada and others seemed to not know about. It is perhaps possible that the manufacturing center in China, where the figures are produced, made a lot more of these than the team at Avalanche was aware of.

It’s a shame that the Peter Pan figure is only a few cosmetic touches and an update away from being playable in the game, but at least the figure is now out in the wild for fans to get their hands on.

At the end of the day it’s really wonderful to see that such a beloved character was able to somewhat make its way to Disney Infinity after all and now Tinker Bell doesn’t seem so out of place in the Disney Infinity lineup.