Walt Disney World Ticket Prices to Increase 2/11, Here’s What to Expect

Walt Disney World Entrance Road Archway
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Walt Disney World’s annual ticket price increase is likely coming on February 11th, 2018 and here are the rumored price changes for this year (current price followed by expected new price):

Single Day Park Tickets

The Magic Kingdom

  • Value – $107 to $109
  • Regular – $115 to $119
  • Peak – $124 to $129

Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • Value – $99 to $102
  • Regular – $107 to $114
  • Peak – $119 to $122

Park Hopper Option

  • Value – $162 to $164
  • Regular – $170 to $174
  • Peak – $174 to $184


Multi-Day Park Tickets

  • 2 days – $199 to $209
  • 3 days – $289 to $325, Florida Resident $199 to $209
  • 4 days – $350 to $400, Florida Resident $219 to $229
  • 5 days – $370 to $415


Walt Disney World Annual Pass

Disney Silver Pass

  • New $419 to $439, Renewal $356 to $373

Disney Gold Pass

  • New $559 to $589, Renewal $475 to 500

Disney Platinum Pass

  • Florida Resident $679 to $729, Renewal $557 to $619
  • Standard $779 to $849, Renewal $662 to $721

Disney Platinum Plus Pass

  • Florida Resident $769 to $829, $653 to $704
  • Standard $869 to $949, Renewal $738 to $806

Disney Premier Passport

  • $1439 to $1579

If you’re in the market for Walt Disney World tickets, you should probably buy them before this weekend…

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  • They could DOUBLE these prices and our family would be happy. ONE CONDITION…10% greater quality in food, service, higher emphasis on guest experience. Stop being so cheap to close areas before new ones built, add on to what you have, and staff the rides and parks appropriately, no more one cashier open out of 12, or 2 lanes to get in park when there’s 20 touchpoint, etc.

    • Thank you loyal sucker… I mean customer. We will be filing your wonderful suggestion in our special circular filing cabinet reserved for only our most magical guest suggestions

    • I agree. It’s not the money itself that’s offensive, its that Disney doesn’t care about the sheep who visit. Only that they keep buying more, and advertising other avenues to spend money with Disney. Zero is put into what you actually ‘get’ for these prices, this is the entry price for sheep to be sold something else. Not bitter at the prices, just there is no quality at Disney anymore.

  • I think Disney has just about priced us out of being able to vacation there. The multiday increases are huge.

    • Same. We are officially done. As north of the border neighbours, without a discount, 5 day pass for our family is $2400. Even with a discount, we’re still looking at almost $2000. And sorry, much as I love Disney, it’s not worth that. Too many other places to go and things to do, for far less.

  • I mean it still pays for me to keep my pass because of how often I go but oooooooooooooh god if I don’t start working part time instead of seasonal soon I’m not going to be able to afford the renewal rate. o.o

  • The “current price” you show includes the $20 advanced purchase discount. Does the “expected price” you show take that into account or is it the price if purchased at the gate? A $50 increase on a 4 day ticket (over $12/day) seems like a lot when a 1 day peak season MK ticket only sees a $5 increase.

    • I agree. I think the current is advanced purchase price and the expected is gate price on the 3, 4, and 5 day tickets – a $20 difference. Otherwise those are crazy increases.

  • Giant All Star Toy Story statues and screens in the Great movie ride are sooo expansive! Its not like we get a huge cost savings building the same Star Wars land on both coasts. Hooray for Wall street! Go out and try your luck and you cut Donald Duck. The bottom line will take all your time and give you lots of dimes

  • Are they dropping the Weekday Select like they did the Cheapest SoCal resident pass at Disneyland earlier this year?

  • LETS COMPARE: The cost of a ski lift ticket is how much? What about a round of golf? Dinner and a movie?

    Then take a WDW day-use ticket or AP and factor in that it take 70,000 employees, 42 square miles of real estate and 570 Disney transport buses to make it all work. You can make the day/adventure last 12-16 hours per day and enjoy parades, shows and fireworks. Add some attractions/rides in-between and it actually is quite the bargain.

    The scenario seems evident in that Disney is respecting its most loyal guest with promotional Annual Pass plans (I just paid $549 to renew my AP at P-status) alongside Florida resident promotions and during off-season, a few general multi-day pass ticket promotions. The Epcot after 4PM pass for Florida residents is a stunning offer when you consider all of the festivals Epcot now offers.

    Finally, take a look at Comcast Park on I-4 (could they get it any closer to the interstate). A fraction of the quality or magic of Disney and yet they price increase just as often. For Harry Potter and little else.

  • We offer more then 4 rides in our studio park and don’t depend on walk around characters and marches its the Universal difference

    • At ticket booths at WDW. Those are Florida Resident passes so you have to show proof of residence.

  • They keep this up and I will never get back to my happy place. Disney I love it there but you are making it unaffordable for the average working person and in the long run it will cause your decline. You are getting too big for your own good and the more greedy you get the less people will come.

    • Disney does not care whether you come or not. They know there’s enough fools to pay ANYTHING, but what’s worse, is they will cut the quality and safety to the bone, and then some, and as long as enough idiots standing in line to pay, they’re happy.

  • As someone from England, after paying , I feel a lot for entry passes, only to find parking has been increased , only by $2, but another added extra. It took us over 1 HOUR , just to get parked , through security and onto Magic Kingdom. Then the que’s for the rides , nothing less than 20 mins up to 245 mins for space mountain, you got to start asking yourselfs is this value for money? We waited in a que 75 mins as we were about to ride ,there was a technical problem, all had to evacuate, not there fault, but another waste of your precious time at Disney.

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