Disneyland’s Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port Will Become Pizza Planet from Toy Story

The infamously bad counter service pizza restaurant in Tomorrowland at Disneyland is getting a new theme just in time for PIXAR Fest.

Starting in April, Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port will become “Alien’s Pizza Planet – A Better Place”. The supposedly temporary re-theme of the restaurant will open with the PIXAR Fest festivities on April 13th according to internal documents. While slated to be temporary, the overhaul is very similar to when Pinocchio Village Haus “temporarily” became Red Rose Taverne. As we all know, Red Rose Taverne is still standing well over a year later and there are no plans to restore the Pinocchio restaurant.

The restaurant will of course be themed to the Pizza Planet restaurants from the Toy Story film series. The “A Better Place” tagline is based on where the Little Green Men think they are going after they are chosen by The Claw in the original Toy Story film. I also like to think it’s a claim that anything is be better in food quality and theme than the existing Redd Rockett’s.

Disney is yet to announce the change, but should shortly.

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  1. Lucky Florida had the orginal Pizza Planet until it became PizzeRizzo a rat themed pizza place with no games or claws machines just reminders that your food is made by rats

  2. I’m surprised to hear how bad you think the food is at Redd Rocketts. The chicken alfredo they have is one of our go to meals at the park. It’s both very tasty and you get a good portion for the price. I can’t say we have tried anything else there (the pizza, salads, etc.) but the pasta was quite good.

    1. We like the chicken alfredo as well. The two of us usually get that along with a salad. We have never tried the pizza, although that is what the grandsons always select.

    2. I used to work at R2P2. The Chicken Fuselli and Starfield of Greens (one of the salads) was my all-time favorite foods when I visited the park as a guest. My guests & I would always stop by Pizza Port (R2P2) to see my friends that were still there & eat the 2 mentioned foods

  3. I agree about the chicken Alfredo dish. I don’t know how things are now, but when it opened, that dish was a favorite among cast members.

  4. They should be putting it in the Starcade and combining Redd Rocket’s and the Starcade into one. One floor for the restaurant and one for the arcade. ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter should be put in the current Redd Rocket’s space instead as was originally intended.

  5. “anything is be better in food quality”
    This is wrong on a couple of different levels…

  6. This is way off. We eat there a couple of times whenever we’re there. The chicken Caesar salad is delicious. It’s a great go-to restaurant.

  7. We make it a point to eat here every trip. The food is actually quite good. I always recommend it to people.

  8. Looks like we’ve “confirmed” that the public doesn’t share your opinion, Tom.

  9. Infamously bad? Not even close. The Chicken Fusilli is still one of our favorites as is the Asian Salad.

  10. The food is good. Our usual stop.
    If you mean that the service is bad, you are inaccurate, too. They make the food fresh (not sitting out for a while like most buffets), they always keep the lines moving…
    Even at busy times, the lines always move quickly.
    Also, they keep the tables cleaned off and ready, open up more areas to sit when needed…

    1. Not saying anything about the service, but the pizza and pasta is horrendous in my opinion and the opinion of quite a few. To each their own.

    1. Yep.

      I and literally everyone I have asked go to Pizza Port specifically for the Chicken Fusilli.

  11. Infamously Bad food & theming?
    Au Contraire. It is one of the most consistent and GOOD food options in the park.
    As a vegetarian, pizza and pasta are the most common go-to in a non-specialized eating environment, and Pizza Port has always done these well, in addition to offering spectacular salads. And that everything there is readily modifiable–because they put it together in front of your eyes–makes it even more appealing…I can get that Chicken Alfredo everyone has commented on–without the chicken. Pizza slices, pasta, and salad portions are of generous size. There is tons of room to move around and a large seating area, making it a remarkably low stress dining option, even on a crowded day (and when, these days, ISN’T it obscenely crowded at Disney?) The original intent was to evoke Toy Story, and I think they were on point with what they do have–from the graphics to the names of the dishes. Could they add more to the atmosphere to put you right into the movie and amp up the vitality? Sure. But what they do have is not amiss. In a land that lost touch a bit, with its overall narrative, this fun retro-future anchor maintains the spirit for all of Tomorrowland. I am not averse to seeing the Toy Story component more obviously tied in, but I have no complaints about the grub, that’s for sure.

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