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Disney Confirms Major Overhaul of Disney Village in Disneyland Paris

The Disney Village shopping, dining and entertainment complex will be getting a major renovation in the following months and years as part of the expansion of Disneyland Paris. Francis Borezée, the president of real estate development at Euro Disney has stated “We have renewed a number of attractions in the parks so the next step will be to renew the Disney Village.” After the recent announcement of the huge expansion of Walt Disney Studios park, it can clearly be seen that the acquisition of Disneyland Paris by the Walt Disney Company is a great benefit to the resort.

“We will start with the renovation, but then we have an opportunity to expand where today we have tents which are used for business events, if we do that we could develop a new convention center,” added Borezée. Currently the Disney Business Center sits between the Disney Village and the New Port Bay Hotel, but it is not a permanent structure. If removed it would allow for expansion of the shops and restaurants, or as Francis Borezée had said, a new convention center.

disneyland paris disney business centre
Disney Business Center

But, the first thing to come will be a makeover of the current tenants. The Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show has been there since the opening in 1992. The show features cowboys riding horses fighting against Native Americans. In 2009, Mickey Mouse and friends were added into the show. Presently, it still plays twice nightly. With this announcement of the redesign, a more popular Disney franchise may takeover the theatre.

disneyland paris buffalo bill show
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show with Mickey and Friends

Planet Hollywood owner, Robert Earl, has also stated “There is a plan to renovate the restaurant in Paris, but Disney is evaluating what they are doing first, we are discussing with them about Planet Hollywood there, but corporate in California haven’t yet decided.” The current Planet Hollywood restaurant in the Disney Village has a very dated facade and is in need of a makeover. A renovation similar to Planet Hollywood in Disney Springs would be welcomed.

disneyland paris planet hollywood

Disney Village opened in 1992 under the name Festival Disney with a very industrial feel, designed by Frank Gehry, metal pylons are dotted along the path. This theme seems out of date after almost 26 years. Finally, the Disney Village will be receiving the overhaul that was long overdue. What shops are restaurants would you want to see make their way to Paris?

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