REVIEW: Epcot’s Liberty Inn Rings In New Cobb Salad, Chicken Sandwich, and Desserts

Disney owns and operates three major quick service locations at Epcot: Electric Umbrella, Sunshine Seasons, and Liberty Inn. Every spring brings about menu changes for these locations, we discussed Electric Umbrella’s changes here. Liberty Inn brought a Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich, a Cobb Salad with and without Grilled Chicken, a Marshmallow Cookie Crunch Cupcake, and an Apple Pie Cheesecake to the table.

A look at the menu.

Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich – Crispy Fried Southern Chicken topped with fresh Lettuce, Pimento Spread and Smoked Bacon served with Apple Slices of French Fries – $11.49

The sandwich came sprinkled with lettuce, with a small bit of pimento cheese, and with one piece of bacon when we ordered it.

The fried chicken patty was quite good, but this still tasted awfully plain. The pimento cheese flavor wasn’t really profound and the folded bacon strip didn’t do much. This won’t be bad with a trip to the condiment station, but you can probably do better elsewhere at the park for a quick bite.

Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad – Field Greens, Grilled Chicken, Avocado, Egg, Bacon, Tomato, Cucumbers, Apples and Blue Cheese tossed in a Sherry Vinaigrette – $10.99

Every once in a while, a counter service item exceeds expectations in value, taste, and quality all at once. This is one of those occasions. For $10.99, this salad is ginormous, tastes very fresh, and comes with a big pile of grilled chicken on top. While it is a pain to have to mix this yourself, everything else about the dish more than makes up for it. If you must grab something quick that you won’t feel terrible about at Epcot, this is where you want to be.

Marshmallow Cookie Crunch Cupcake – Chocolate Cupcake topped with a Cookie Marshmallow Frosting, sprinkled with Chocolate Pearls, Mini Marshmallows and a Chocolate drizzle – $4.99

I was pretty excited when I read the description of this, but it was sadly the most ordinary dessert. It’s just a rich, dark chocolate cake with barely-flavored icing. It wasn’t bad, it’s just unbelievably forgettable.

Apple Pie Cheesecake – Classic New York-style Cheesecake covered with Apple Pie Filling and Graham Cracker Crumbles – $4.49

Another surprise, this dish takes the Disney counter service cheesecake and adds an apple pie flavor. If you like the other fast food cheesecakes on property, this is worth a try. The flavoring and the bread crumbs make it unique enough, but there’s even a layer of chunky, apple-pie-like filling in the bottom.


Liberty Inn remains a safe option for those who don’t want sushi or a falafel in Epcot, certainly better than Electric Umbrella. The new Cobb Salad really shines and should be a refreshing change of pace for a meal during the hot summer months at Epcot. Topping it off with an apple pie cheesecake isn’t a bad idea either.

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2 years ago

I just saw Contempo Cafe got a new menu. Can you review those next? :-)

2 years ago

Oh, and Kona’s new lunch menu please!